Kraft Paper Slitting Machine for sale in Russia

Bekasyl operates a packing company in Russia. With a steadfast commitment to meeting diverse packing needs, Bekasyl recognized the need for a reliable and efficient solution that could streamline their processes and bolster productivity. 

So he found YG Paper Machinery and left his inquiry. Below is his inquiry.

I would like to know your Slitting machine. Our base paper has a width of 1800 mm and a diameter of 500 mm.I want to cut into small rolls with widths of 38 mm and 127 mm, and the diameter remains the same. Can you help me?

Bekasyl from Russia

Accoring to his requirements, our sales manager Wenny recommed him our hot sale YG-1800C paper slitting machine.

kraft paper slitting machine

This paper slitting equipment is suitable for cutting A4 paper, film, self-adhesive, PVC, etc.

  • Material thickness: 20-300g
  • Speed: 10-500 meters/min

By leveraging the capabilities of the Kraft paper slitting machine, Bekasyl witnessed a remarkable transformation in their operations. Large rolls of Kraft paper were effortlessly converted into smaller, usable formats, reducing manual labor and eliminating inconsistencies in cutting.

Bekasyl’s investment in the Kraft paper slitting machine proved to be a wise decision.

Kraft Paper Slitting Machine – Revolutionizing Packaging Efficiency

In the fast-paced world of packaging, finding the perfect solution to meet your diverse needs is essential. Kraft paper has emerged as a preferred choice, thanks to its versatility and strength. However, the process of converting large rolls of Kraft paper into smaller sizes can be a daunting task.

Fear not! YG Paper Roll Slitting Machine will help you.

Here, we unravel the key features and benefits of Kraft paper slitting machine, and its transformative impact on productivity and quality.

Technical Parameters

Applicable material typesPaper, film, self-adhesive, PVC
Material thickness20-300g
Maximum diameter of raw material800mm
Raw material core3# paper tube
Maximum width of raw materials1800mm
Minimum width of raw materials50mm
Minimum width of finished products30mm
Roller width1850mm
Cutting width30-1800mm
Rewinding tube core3# paper tube
Maximum rewinding diameter600mm
Cutting speed10-500 meters/min (depending on the material)
Total power18KW

Features of the Kraft Paper Slitting Machine

  • With advanced cutting techniques, it can accurate cuts along the paper’s width.
  • The paper slitter rewinder machine offers adjustable slitting widths. You can easily set the desired width.
  • The machine is designed to operate at high speeds, ensuring efficient processing and reducing production time.
  • Equipped with user-friendly interfaces, the machine is easy to operate.

Why choose YG Paper Slitter Rewinder Machine?

The case of Bekasyl exemplifies the transformative impact of our Kraft paper slitting machine. Besides, by incorporating this efficient and versatile machine into your operations, you will experience a faster processing, increased productivity, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Our machines have been praised by clients from all over the world, such as
Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Honduras, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, etc.

Over to you

Say goodbye to traditional methods of converting large rolls of Kraft paper! The Kraft paper slitting machine has taken the paper industry by storm, transforming the process into a seamless operation. With its precision, speed, and user-friendly features, this machine offers a wide array of benefits. Moreover, the significant cost savings make it a wise investment in today’s competitive market.

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