I want to start a corrugated box manufacturing factory, what equipment do I need? Here, I will introduce all the machines that you need to start the paper corrugated carton box production plant.

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What equipment do I need to produce a carton box?

Equipment for producing cardboard: single-sided corrugated cardboard production line, three-layer corrugated cardboard production line, five-layer corrugated cardboard production line, and seven-layer corrugated cardboard production line.

Carton processing equipment: carton printing machine, cardboard slotting machine, gluer folder machine, automatic box stitching machine, baler.

Fully automatic Corrugated Box Production Line

In common, the cartons have 3 layers and 5 layers, and seven layers are rare. Each layer is divided into lining paper, corrugated paper, core paper, and face paper. If you want to start the carton manufacturing from papermaking, you need then a corrugated paper making machine.

Corrugated cardboard production line

corrugated cardboard production line

The corrugated cardboard production line is the key production equipment for corrugated box production enterprises. The five-layer corrugated cardboard production line includes equipment such as an electric shaftless paper rack, paper feeding trolley, face paper preheater, core paper preheater, heavy-duty secondary gluing machine, etc.

Technical Parameters

Suitable paper200-800 g / m2 cardboard, E-F-N corrugated board
Box typeStraight line, crash-lock bottom, double sides, four/six corner box
Feeding wayContinuous automatic feeding.
Glue typeSolute style
Max. speed400m/min
Power31KW, AC220V/380V
Inching speed40m/min
Compressed air6 bar
Air compressor capacity10m/3
Air tank capacity60L

If you have a corrugated cardboard supplier, then you can start with this equipment. You can buy the raw materials corrugated cardboard from the paper factory.

Corrugated cardboard die cutter

Parameters of Automatic Rotary Corrugated Carton Cardboard Die Cutting Machine:

Max die cutting length1450mm
Max die cutting width900mm
Outer diameter280mm
Rubber roller diameter250mm
Max cutting thickness16mm
Rubber pad thickness8mm

Corrugated cardboard printing machine

This equipment is used for printing and slotting die-cutting of cardboard.

Corrugated cardboard printing machine
  • Chain type hand move feeding cardboard
  • When the machine stopped working ink roller can automatically separate from the printing roller facer in order to protect it.
  • Ink rollers have a separately turn device to prevent ink dried when the machine stopped working
  • Adopt pneumatic locking, electric separation
Roller diameterφ468 mm
Max sheet size1300×1800 mm
Max printing size1300×1600 mm
Min sheet size350×500 mm
Min slot space190×50×190×50 mm
Working speed0-60 pcs/min
Printing precision±0.5mm
Standard plate thickness6 mm
Sheet thickness1.2-9 mm
Corrugated cardboard printing machine

Automatic Corrugated Carton Cardboard Paper Box Making Machine

After printing, slotting and die-cutting, the cardboard is bound and formed by a nail box machine or bonded by a box gluer. This High-Speed Corrugated Carton Box Gluer Folding Machine is specially designed for all kinds of cardboard, and corrugated packaging boxes. Easy to operate and stable. Below is the machine technical information:

ModelYG-1200AC High-speed gluing folding machine
Paper MaterialCardboard 210-800g  A/B/E Corrugated
Max. Liner speedMax. 260 meter/minute
Feeding wayAutomatically and continuously feeding
Way of foldingFold 1 and fold 3 are 180°
Glue MaterialWater-base cold glue
Power Supply3P, 380V, 50HZ
Total power12kw
Over dimension13.5×1.85×1.6m
High-speed gluing folding machine


The equipment used in the carton factory is very clearly classified according to the processing requirements, and the role of each type of equipment is also simple and clear. If you want to know the equipment required by the carton factory, you must first determine the processing scope of the carton factory. There are cardboard production, carton processing, express carton production, and special-shaped gift box production. First, we must understand the scope of production services. Then go to match the relevant equipment, so as to better understand the carton equipment.

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