A paper calender machine is a device used to improve the glossiness of paper. It is an important part of the whole paper making production line. Generally, we install the paper calender between the drying section and the reel. Do you want to change this machine for your paper mill? Or are you looking for paper calender equipment to improve the smoothness, gloss, tightness and thickness uniformity of the paper web? Read this article to learn more!

What is a Calender Machine for paper?

A Calender is a series of hard pressure rollers used to finish or smooth a sheet of material such as paper, textiles, rubber, or plastics. The paper calender machine is an important part of papermaking, The equipment is composed of three or four hard pressure rollers. The roller is made of chilled cast iron alloys. Its work surface has high hardness,wear-resistance, and durable life. The paper passes by the rollers, and it is compacted and becomes smooth. The pressure exerted by the rollers on the web determines the finish of the paper. Generally, the gloss is about 65-85%, and it can reach more than 90-95% gloss after calendering.

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What is Paper Calendering Machine used for?

The Paper Calender Machine can:

  • Improve the quality of the final product.
  • Make the surface of the paper extra smooth.
  • Make the thickness of the final product more uniform.

Paper Calender Machine Parameters

Product NameCalender
3Design speed120m/min
Roll surface width1300mm
Capacity30-450 T
Max. paper Width1200mm
Finished Products Inner Diameter32~60 mm
Jumbo roll stander1-3 plies

Operating procedures

The working method of the calender is usually continuous rolling. The printed matter is conveyed from the paper feeding table to the calendering belt between the hot pressing roller and the pressure roller. And under the action of temperature and pressure, the coating is attached to the surface of the calendering belt and calendered. After calendering, the glazing layer gradually cools to form a bright surface layer. The calendering belt is a specially treated stainless steel endless steel belt. There are multiple groups of far-infrared heating sources installed inside the hot pressing roller to provide the heat required for calendering.

The pressure of the pressing roller mostly adopts an electro-hydraulic pressure regulating system, which can accurately meet the pressure requirements in calendering. The speed-adjustable drive motor or a slip motor can control the speed of calendering.

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