Toilet paper is an item that we use every day. Maybe you already know that paper is made from wood. But do you know how to make toilet paper? Actually, the toilet paper machine is required in this case.

In this article, we will present to you all the machines required for the tissue paper making business.

Efficient & Fast Toilet Paper Making Machine

The fully automatic toilet tissue making machine production line consists of a toilet paper making machine, fully automatic rewinding machine, an automatic paper cutting machine, and toilet tissue packaging machine

➡Toilet Paper Making Machine

Toilet Paper Machine is a complete set of equipment that makes the pulp form the paper web. It includes the headbox, wire section, press section, drying section, calender, paper reel, transmission section, Vacuum, and other auxiliary systems.

Paper-making raw materials include plant fibers and non-plant fibers (inorganic fibers, chemical fibers, and metal fibers).

  • Trimmed Width: 1880mm-3800mm
  • Grammage rang: 13~45GSM
  • Design Speed: 180-1200m/min
  • Working Speed: 150~1000m/min
  • Production Capacity: 5-60TPD

➡Automatic Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine

This Automatic Jumbo Paper Rewinding Machine is suitable for all kinds of Kraft-paper, Grass board-paper, Printing paper and Art-paper slitting rewinding.

toilet paper making machine
Product RangeCore Paper, Non-Core Roll Paper
Jumbo roll diameter (mm)1200 (Other sizes please point out)
Jumbo Roll Inner Diameter76 mm(other sizes please point out)
Control SystemPLC Control
Production speed150-280 m/minute

➡Toilet Tissue paper roll to sheet cutting machine | Paper roll cutting machine

This fully automatic large rotary paper sheet cutting machine has a motor control system. And the equipment is intelligent and reliable. High speed and stable production efficiency. The highly robust and powerful paper roll-to-sheet cutting machine can handle all paper cutting tasks. If you need to get more details, please contact us to get the paper roll cutting machine price.

Machine modelYG-1575/1880/2100/2400/2800/3000
Base paper roll diameter1200mm (Please specify)
Jumbo roll core diameter76mm (Please specify)
Punch2-4 knife, spiral cutter line
Control systemPLC control, variable frequency speed control, the touch screen operation
Product rangecore paper, noncore paper
Drop tubemanual and automatic (optional)
Working speed150-280 m/min
Power220V/380V 50HZ
EmbossingSingle embossing, double embossing
Finished product launchAutomatic

Check here a working case in Australia of toilet paper production line.

➡Paper Roll Packing machine

The paper roll packaging machine is suitable for packing regular materials such as cylinder paper. The whole machine consists of an automatic material sorting part, a packaging machine host part, a side ironing part, and a control part.

paper roll packaging machine
  • Packing speed: about 20 packs/minute
  • Packing specifications: length: 90-210mm; width: 90-100mm; height: 40-100mm
  • Total power: 3.41KW
  • Air source pressure: 0.5MPa (customer provided)
  • Hot sealing bag material: CPP

Check here a working case in USA of toilet paper making machine.

Production line | Toilet paper machine for sale

Automatic paper feeding, automatic rewinding, manual or fully automatic paper cutting, and packaging are relatively simple. Generally, manufacturers of high-quality toilet paper processing equipment will provide after-sales services. Such as on-site installation and commissioning, and on-site training on technology. That solves the worries of operators, and there is no need to worry about what to do without technology. Contact us to get the machine price now. WhatsApp +8613598866720

How To Start A Toilet Paper Business In your country?

  1. Market research and feasibility studies. At first, you have to do a complete market survey of your area and identify various qualities of the tissue paper market.
  2. Then, you need to know the major competitors in the industry.
  3. What kind of toilet paper business do you want to start? Retailing? Wholesaling? Manufacture?
  4. If you want to open a tissue paper factory, then, you have to decide, your tissue paper quality, whether it will be embossed or plain type.
  5. The next step is to procure the raw material and required machines from authorized vendors and suppliers. After that, you could start the production cycle based on the market demand. Tips for the choice of toilet paper processing equipment: You should not only choose the model of the equipment according to their actual situation but also choose high-quality and cost-effective toilet paper processing equipment from many equipment manufacturers.
  6. Of course, you have also required to go for GST & UDYAM registration. You could also apply for BIS registration.

Toilet paper machine manufacturer and supplier

Henan Yugong Machinery is a professional paper machinery manufacturer and supplier. From paper making machines to paper products production machines. Our hot sale machines: tissue paper making machine, A4/A3 copy paper machine, Sanitary pads machine, Diaper making machine, Paper Bag making machine, etc. If you are interested in our machines, please feel free to contact us to get a free quote.