paper cup lid making machine price

The automatic paper lid machine is an ideal equipment for producing coffee cup lids, paper soup bowl lids, etc. The material of the cover can be PE coating or PLA coating paper.

Double Layer Paper Lid Forming Machine Presentation

EU CE certification. Factory Price. The automatic paper tape type paper cover forming machine is used to produce various shapes of paper covers. YG-70 automatic paper lid forming machine is suitable for jewelry box lids, ice cream cup lids, coffee lids, etc.

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Technical parameters

ModelYG-70 Automatic Paper Cup/Bowl Cover Making Machine
LID Height14-20mm
Paper Cover Diameter65-130mm
Paper weight280-450 gsm
Productivity45-55 pcs/min
Power Source220V/380V 50Hz
Machine weight1200kg
Working Air Source0.4MPa, 0.12m3/min


  1. The machine adopts a PLC control system and touchscreen operation, and a Schneider inverter drives the machine.
  2. One person can operate it. Easy to operate.
  3. Stable performance, high efficiency, fully introduce advanced technology,
  4. Saving raw materials, and low energy consumption.
paper lid forming machine

Here is a complete guide on how to choose the paper cup lid making machine.

Rectangular Square Oval Paper Cover Forming Machine

Besides the round coffee cup lid forming machine, YG Paper Machinery provides also Rectangular Paper Cup Lid Forming Machine, Square Paper Lid Forming Machine, Oval Paper Cover Forming Machine.

Paper Cover DiaMin65*65MM
Min130*130MM Max190*190MM65-190MM
Raw Materialsingle/double Pe coated papersingle/double Pe coated papersingle/double Pe coated paper
Paper Weight280-450 gsm280-450 gsm280-500 gsm
Power380V 50hz3Ph(customizable)380V 50hz3Ph(customizable)380V 50hz3Ph(customizable)
Machine Weight3000kg3500kg3500kg
Packing Size2350*1700*1850mm2350*1700*1850mm2350*1700*1900mm
Rectangular Paper Lid Forming Machine

Plastic PVC PET PS Cup Lid Cover Making Machine

Besides the paper lid or cover making machine, YG Paper Machinery provides also plastic/PVC/PET Cup Lid making machine, Convenient and stable performance. Controlled by Touch Screen with Siemens PLC. The machine can be customized according to your requirements.

Technical parameters

Check below the technical parameters:

Punch speed15-45punch/min
Max.Forming size430*280mm
Max.Forming depth50mm
Max.Material width450mm
Stroke Range100-280mm
Compressed air0.4-0.7Mpa
Mold cooling60L/H tap water/recycle water
Total power8.2Kw
Main motor power2.2Kw
Material thickness0.15-1mm
Overall dimension2900*1000*1800mm
Packing Size3100*1100*1900mm
Voltage380V/220v 50HZ
Sheet Thickness(mm)0.15 – 0.5 mm
Voltage380V 50HZ or 220V 60HZ

Cup Lid Forming Machine – YG Paper Machinery

YG Paper Machinery provides single-layer paper cup lid forming machines, double-layer paper cup lid forming machines, flat bottom paper cup machines, trademark die-cutting machines, yogurt cup packaging machines, disposable fast food box machines, disposable tableware making machine, etc. YG’s machines have been exported all over the world, such as to the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East, etc… They are all using YG’s machines to produce various paper covers. If you are looking for a paper cup lid making machine, please leave your messages below. Our sales manager will contact you as soon as possible. WhatsApp/Phone 008613598866720.