You must have eaten Hamburger or sandwich. Have you noted the wrapping paper for the hamburger? How is made this kind of paper? Hamburger Wrapping Paperis one type of oil-proof paper. Here, we will talk about the Hamburger or Sandwich Paper Cutting Machine.

Hamburger/Sandwich Paper Roll Cutting Machine

YG-HBK Series Paper Roll Cutting Machine is suitable for sheeting hamburger paper, sandwich paper, hot dog wrapping paper, etc. Contact us to get a free quote.

Sandwich Paper Cutting Machine

  • Paper roll width: 600-1100mm
  • Max cutting speed: 200-300 cuts/min
  • Paper thickness: 300-50gsm

Technical Parameters

Max width of the roll600mm800mm1100mm
Max unwinding of the roll1200mm1200mm1200mm
Paper thickness20-300gsm20-300gsm20-300gsm
Max cutting speed120cuts/min120cuts/min120cuts/min
Cutting speed of meter100m/min100m/min100m/min
Cutting precision≤±0.2mm Horizontal≤±0.2mm Horizontal≤±0.2mm Horizontal
≤±0.3mm Vertical≤±0.3mm Vertical≤±0.3mm Vertical
Max stacking height420mm420mm420mm
Number of slitting blade2 pcs2 pcs2 pcs
Quantity of unwinding roll1-4 rolls1-4 rolls1-4 rolls
Voltage380V,50hz, 3phase380V,50hz, 3phase380V,50hz, 3phase
Air pump0.6Mpa0.6Mpa0.6Mpa

Hamburger Sandwich Paper Cutting Features

  • The hamburger paper cross-cutting machine is compact in structure and small in size. Its main features are light, high speed, and high efficiency.
  • It is often used for thin-cut materials such as hamburger paper, and newsprint. Small companies with lower production requirements will choose this sandwich wrapping cross-cutting machine.
  • Equipped with fans and ducts for processing waste edges.
  • The machine can be customized into a large poster cutting machine.


How long is the warranty for the paper cutting machine?

One-year warranty, lifetime technical service support.

How long does it take to sharpen a cross-cutter?

The machine is equipped with 2 cross-cut blades for replacement, which generally need to be sharpened every 6-9 months.

How many days to delivery ?

25-30 working days after the contract takes effect.

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