A paper cutting machine is an important machine in the papermaking production line. There are two types of paper slitting machines according to the transmission control method, the Mechanical cross cutting machines and the PLC Control paper slitting machine. In this article, we will present kinds of paper cutting machines for making hamburger wrapping paper, sandwich wrapping paper, A4/A3 copy paper, non-woven fabric, paper straw, thermal paper, adhesive label paper, etc. Contact us to get the machine’s price now.

Purchasing Paper Slitting Machinery For Sale

paper roll cutting machine

Paper roll cutting machine

  • Cutting Speed: 150 cuts/min
  • Cutting diameter: φ60—φ130(mm)
  • It is suitable for cutting cored and coreless webs.
A4 paper cutting machine

A4 Paper Slitting Machine

  • Capacity: 5-10 reams/min
  • Paper roll width: 1100-1600mm
  • Cutting Speed: 30-200cuts/min
  • Rolls: 2 or 4 or 6
Automatic thermal paper roll slitting and rewinding machine

Thermal Paper Slitting Machine

  • Capacity: 200 cuts/min
  • Paper roll width: 1200-1400mm
  • Realize one-stop production
  • Double productivity
sandwich wrap paper sheeter machine

Sandwich Paper Sheeter Machine

  • Capacity: 100 cuts/min
  • Crosscut width: 50-700mm
  • It is suitable for cutting thinner papers such as hamburger paper, sandwich paper, hot dog wrapping paper, newsprint, etc.
laser cutting machine

Laser Cardboard Cutting Machine

  • Cutting Speed: 200-800mm/s
  • Cutting thickness: ≤22mm
  • It uses a laser beam to cut and engrave cardboard. This tool allows for precise cuts and intricate designs to be created in cardboard.
non woven fabric slitting machine

Non-woven Fabric Slitting Machine

  • Slitting width: 18mm-1600mm
  • Unwinding diameter: 600mm
  • Rolling diameter: 600mm
  • Mechanical speed: 60m/min

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How to operate the machine?

A slitting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that cuts wide-width paper, mica tape, or film into multiple narrow-width materials. It is commonly used in papermaking machinery, wire, and cable mica tapes, and printing and packaging machinery. Do you know what matters need to be paid attention to when operating the slitting machine?

  1. The slitting machine needs to divide and process the whole bundle or a whole sheet of raw materials with fixed length specifications, such as plastic bags, carton packaging, thick steel plates, tapes, leather products, wood, etc. and must use fixed-length division operations.
  2. The most critical performance parameters of fixed-length slitting are slitting precision and the sameness of finished product length.
  3. The fixed-length slitting operation is divided into two types: static and dynamic; when the set length is reached, the machine stops accurately, statically divides the processing, and restarts operation after cutting; when the set length is reached, the cutting signal is continuously issued, and the slitting machine is Dynamic slitting during the whole process of raw material movement.

What is the difference between tangential or rotary shear, razor and crush-cut?

Check below the difference between tangential or rotary shear, razor and crush-cut:

Tangential or rotary shear slitting uses two rotary knives to produce the same cutting effect as obtained by using a pair of scissors. The knives have a small gap between them and cut the material by shearing it. This method is suitable for materials that are thick, stiff or have high tensile strength.

Razor slitting uses a single razor blade to cut the material by penetrating it. The blade is either mounted in a fixed position or moves across the web. This method is suitable for materials that are thin, flexible or have low tensile strength.

Crush-cut slitting uses one knife to pinch or score the material against a hardened platen or bottom roll. The material is actually torn apart by the pressure. This method is suitable for materials that are soft, elastic or have low density.

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