Summary: Wet tissues can be widely used when sports activities, traveling, camping, fishing, outdoor events, in offices, hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. In this article, we will introduce the YG wet wipes machine for sale.

Automatic Wet Wipe Production Line | Unwinding, Cutting, Packing

Generally, wet wipes can be divided into baby wipes, household cleaning, cosmetic wipes, general purpose wipes, wet toilet paper, and feminine care wipes. So if you need to get the wet tissue machine price, please tell us what kind of wipes you want to produce. Or you can contact us via WhastApp at 008613598866720 to get help.

high speed wet wipes machine

Wet Wipes Sealing Foil Machine

  • Raw materials: Spunlace nonwoven fabric, hot-rolled non-woven fabric, dust-free paper, etc.
  • Type: 1-120 PCS/Pack Wet Tissue Machine
  • Production flow: Unrolling – Folding – Wetting – Cutting – Piling – Packing – Delivering

YG Wet Wipes Manufacturing Machine adopts a fully automatic controlling system. High speed and stability. This Full automatic wet wipes making machine is praised by our customers.

Working case: Wet wipes machine for sale in UAE

Technical Parameters

Production speed270~400 cuts/minute; about 40-50 bags/minute
Number of slitting channels12 channels
Power supply380V 50HZ three-phase power
Total power13KW
Applicable raw materialsSpunlace non-woven fabric, hot-rolled non-woven fabric, dust-free paper, etc.
Material weight35-80 g/m2
Folding method ‘Z’-shaped folding (with or without extraction)
Humidification methodPreset automatic metering humidification
Humidification accuracy+5%
Machine net weight9000kg
Humidification mixing systemDouble mixing barrel with agitator
Mixing barrel size800×800 (mm, diameter×height)
Capacity400 liters * 2 pieces

Production Process

Put the mother roll into the bracket → Automatic unwinding → Automatic tensioning → Sub-web folding → Synchronous feeding → Quantitative humidification → Length cutting → Stacking → Synchronous conveying → Automatic hole cutting → Automatic labeling → Automatic packaging → Heat sealing and cutting → Automatic Dynamic exhaust → Automatic sticking cover → Finished product

Wet Wipes Making Machine Features

  • Control driving system: PLC, GOT operation interface, precision transmission by servo motor.
  • Unwinding mechanism: Independent drive, automatic control of tension.
  • Folding and traction mechanism: Various adjustable folding ways, synchronous transmission by servo traction.
  • Quantitative humidifying system: two sets of shower pipes, uniform humidifying in 2.5-4.0 times scope.
  • Rotary cutting-off system: Cut off by rolling cutter synchronously, cutting length controlled precisely, flexible and easy adjustable nonwovens length.
  • Folding and conveying device: Folded neatly by manipulators, synchronous and flexible transmission of wet wipes.
  • Bag making and forming device: The tension of the film and width and height of packing bags can be adjustable automatically.
  • Packaging, cutting, and sealing device: Adopting advanced horizontal sealing of Chinese mainland – Taiwan Rufong vertical sealing technology. The seal is firm and beautiful.
  • Safety guarantee system: Fixed, movable, and closed preventive device.
  • The part touching the liquid is made of 304 stainless steel. 

Working video

What is wet tissue? Wet tissues are moistened paper towels used to wipe the skin. Since the development of wet wipes in the 1960s, there are two types. One is with disinfection effect, which can disinfect or sterilize skin scratches and scratches; the other is only used as skin moisturizing and maintenance products without disinfection effect. As a product used in multiple scenarios such as homes, hotels, and hospitals, wet wipes have shown a trend of continuous growth in the global wet wipes market in recent years with the improvement of people’s spending power and hygiene awareness.

So the wet tissue manufacturing business is a profitable project that you can consider. Click the button below to get more information about the baby wet wipes machine.

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