In summary: This article will present to you a fully automatic high speed paper straw making machine, and its technical information, machine photos, application, etc.

In 2018, Starbucks change the plastic lid cover to a ‘duck bill’ lid cover, And the brand said that they will not offer the plastic straw anymore. After that, many other brands start to diminue the use of plastic food packages. The biggest change is to replace plastic straws with paper straws. On July 2, 2021, the Directive on Single-Use Plastics took effect in the European Union (EU).

So paper straw manufacturing is a profitable business. If you want to start a paper straw making factory, please read this article to learn more.

Paper straw making machine for sale

The paper straw making machine is a machine that can manufacture paper straws for all kinds of drinks, such as bubble tea, coffee, etc. 4 blade paper straw machines production line is suitable for producing paper straws with an outer diameter of 6-12mm. High efficiency, easy to operate and strong practicability,

Paper straw machine

  • Cut the pipe length: 120-850 MM
  • Production speed: 10-50M/MIN
  • Pipe cutting way: 58X38X1.5
  • The gluing way: Use two sets of independent electric rubber basin glue
  • Main motor: 1.5KW

4 Blade Paper drinking straw making machine technical information

Production speedThe maximum speed can reach 180 items/minute
The raw materialThe 100g/m2 ordinary paper, composite aluminum foil paper, or more than 100g/m dry stencil paper
The parts for selection1. the control of sol spreading process; 2. air compressor
Area of occupied place2m*2m
Minimum height140mm
Maximum height210mm
The case dimension(L*W*H)1.25m*1.15m*1.9m or 1m*0.6m*0.85m

Paper straw machine performance introduction

  1. It is suitable for the inner diameter of the paper tube 6-12mm; the number of layers of the paper tube is 2-5 layers.
  2. Computer PLC control, touch screen man-machine interface operation.
  3. Automatic cutting and automatic dropping, automatic speed change, and automatic reply when cutting.
  4. CNC tracking and cutting, manual adjustment of size according to the order. This structure can make the cutting size more accurate without the need for secondary fine cutting, thereby improving the work efficiency.

Paper straw machine performance characteristics

  1. The traveling motor of the cutting table is a special product. This motor has fast speed-up, large torque, good stability, and accurate synchronization, which can improve the work efficiency and make the cutting length of the paper tube more accurate.
  2. The synchronous fly-cutting function of the cutting table avoids the change of the paper gap of the paper tube and the instability of the main machine during conventional cutting and greatly improves the quality of the paper tube.

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Standard allocation

  • Complete electric control box, touching screen display, and control.
  • Vacuum equipment and air compressor equipment. (Air compressor not supplied)
  • Hot-melt glue equipment.
  • The piling equipment of finished products.
  • The collection equipment for wasted material of trimmed edges.
  • A whole set of forming mold.
  • Five blades with trimmed edges.

What is the paper straw machine price?

The price-determining factor lies in the quality and related performance of the paper straw machine. The functional difference of the paper straws machine in the market is very large, and the quality and performance are also different. The paper straw machines of various brands are generally between $ 15,000 and $ 26,000, mainly determined by the quality and quality performance. YG Paper Machinery is a professional and quality no glue paper straw making machine supplier and manufacturer. Contact us to get a free quote.

Is the paper straw machine easy to maintain during use?

  1. Mainly to ensure the relative cleanliness of the paper straw machinery and equipment, regularly open the box to check all parts of the equipment, clean up some paper scraps inside, and clean up some dust accumulated in the environment, so as to ensure the equipment In the process of operation, there will be no rust and other phenomena, and it can continue to operate.
  2. Secondly, smooth the paper straw mechanical equipment. After cleaning the inside of the equipment, add some lubricating oil inside the equipment. In addition, the lubricating oil used must be inspected and filtered to meet the use standards. Add oil to the oil You can mark the orientation.