Corrugated boxes are the most widely used shipping container in commerce. They are made by folding and gluing corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is made of surface paper and corrugated core paper formed by processing corrugated sticks. Generally, corrugated cardboard has a dedicated corrugated paper production line to produce and cut into the cardboard of the required specifications. Today, we will talk about the Corrugated paperboard production line.

Corrugated Paper Production Line

Corrugated paper board production line plays an important role in the production of a corrugated cardboard box. The corrugated cardboard production line is the most important production line equipment in carton packaging enterprises. It includes several important components such as wet section equipment, cadre equipment, and production management system.

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Technical Parameters of Corrugated paperboard production line

Suitable paper200-800 g / m2 cardboard, E-F-N corrugated board
Box typeStraight line, crash-lock bottom, double sides, four/six corner box
Feeding wayContinuous automatic feeding.
Glue typeSolute style
Max. speed400m/min
Power31KW, AC220V/380V
Inching speed40m/min
Compressed air6 bar
Air compressor capacity10m/3
Air tank capacity60L

Corrugated paperboard production line description

Wet Section Equipment

The Wet section equipment is the key equipment for corrugated paper forming in the corrugated paper production line. It mainly involves the influence of paper, glue, steam, and other factors on the quality of paper forming. The key equipment of the single-end corrugating machine in the wet end should be the equipment with advanced technology and positive pressure card-type single-end corrugator. The numerical display of the adjustable gap and the control of the glue amount is very important.

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The wet section equipment mainly includes base paper support frame, automatic paper splicer, preheating preconditioner, single facer corrugator, paper feeding bridge, gluing machine, double facer, etc. The wet end equipment makes corrugated base paper into different flute types Combination of three, five, and seven layers of corrugated cardboard.

Dryer Section Equipment

Among all of the dryer section equipment, the corrugated paper slitter machine is the equipment that affects the production efficacity. You should choose carefully the machine. The knife should be movable. For the dust-proof treatment of knives and guide rails should consider purchasing Taiwan ceramic tiles.

This section mainly includes rotary cutting machine, slitting and creasing machine, cross-cutting machine, stacker, etc. The equipment performs slitting, creasing, cross-cutting, and stacking of corrugated cardboard according to the order requirements.

corrugated paper slitter machine
corrugated paper slitter machine

Production management system

The production management system can not only monitor the production site but also save, calculate and print the production data.

Process Flow Diagram

Raw materials (waste paper)——chain conveyor——pulper——hign density cleaner——pressure screen——fiber separator——reject separator ——low density cleaner——inflow pressure screen——paper making machine——the big finished jumbo paper

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