Kraft paper bag making machine

High Speed Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine

YG Square bottom Kraft paper bag making machine helps you to extend or start-up your paper bag business.

  • Max Speed:150m/min
  • Paper roll width: 380-1350mm
  • Bag Width: 120-450mm

Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine Parameters

ModelYG-330YG-450AYG- 450B
Cutting length270-530mm270-530mm380-760mm
270-430mm (with handle)270-430mm (with handle)380-660mm (with handle)
Bag width120-330mm 200-450mm 220-450mm
200-330mm(with handle)240-450mm(with handle)240-450mm(with handle)
Bottom width60-180mm80-180mm80-200mm
Paper Thickness60-150g/M280-150g/M280-150g/M2
80-150g/M2(with handle)
Paper roll width380-1050mm590-1300mn630-1350mm
620-1050mm(with handle)710-1300mm(with handle)710-1350mm(with handle)
Roll paper diameter1300mm
Paper core76mm
Patch length152mm152/190mm
Patch width45-50mm45-50mm45-50mm
Handle distance75mm75/95mm75/95mm
Rope diameter4-5mm4-5mm4-5mm
Patch paper roll width90-100mm90-100mm90-100mm
Diameter(Patch paper roll)1200mm1200mm1200mm
Patch paper thickness100-135g/M2
Production speed for bags without handles30-180bags/min30-150bags/min30-130bags/min
Production speed for bags with handles30-120bags/min30-120bags/min30-120bags/min
Machine size15000x6000x2700mm15000x6000x2700mm15000x6000x2700mm

Production process

The square bottom paper bag making machine is a machine that forms paper bags in one process by the printing or unprinted roll paper, side gluing, roll folding, roll paper cutting, bottom folding, bottom glue, and bottom surface forming. And then the paper bag is made.

We have also multi layer kraft paper bag making machine for sale.

square bottom paper bag making machine production process
square bottom paper bag making machine | production process


  • High speed. The machine can produce 30-150 bags per minute.
  • Automatic. You need just set the corresponding parameters, the equipment will produce the paper bag automatically.
  • Stable production, low noise.
  • Easy to control and maintain.
  • One-year warranty.
square bottom kraft paper bag making machine
square bottom kraft paper bag making machine

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