paper up machine

High Speed paper cup machine

The paper cup machine is suitable for the production of paper cups, such as tasting drink cups, teacups, coffee cups, advertising cups, ice cream cups, or other food containers.

  • Speed: 60-90pcs/min, 100-150pcs/min
  • Cup size: 6oz-22oz
  • Raw Material: Single PE coating paper


Cup size6oz-22oz6oz-22oz
Raw materialSingle PE coating paperSingle and double PE coating paper
Paper thickness160-280gsm160-300gsm
Top mouth diameter60mm-90mm60mm-90mm
Bottom diameter40mm-70mm40mm-70mm
Bottom depth5mm-10mm5mm-10mm
Capacity60-90 cups per minute60-90 cups per minute
Main motor power1.5kw1.5kw
Total power11.5kw16kw
Energy consumption6-6.5 kW / hour7-7.5 kW/ hour
Air consumption0.4m3/min, 0.5-0.8Mpa0.4m3/min, 0.5-0.8Mpa

Paper cup machine Features

  • Different types of paper cups can be produced: 4 oz -16 oz paper cups.
  • Products are environmentally friendly. Degradable and pollution-free.
  • Production is fast: It can produce 40-50 paper cups per minute.
  • Resistant to high temperatures: It can hold liquids with a temperature of about 80°C.
  • Small footprint: Only 2.28 square meters.
  • Does not contain any human harmful substances.
  • Easy to use.

Production Process

The printing machine will print the logo on paper raw materials. The reels are printed and cut into carefully measured cup sidewall blanks. The blanks are inserted into cup-forming machines that wrap the blanks into a cup shape and add the bottom. The seams of the cups are heated in order to make the cups liquid-proof.

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Working Video

Working case

Here a re two new workling cases of our paper cup making machine:

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