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Do you know what is kraft paper? And what are the colors of kraft paper? Here, we will introduce you to all about kraft paper, such as types of kraft paper, colors of kraft paper, differences between white kraft paper and brown kraft paper, etc.

What is Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper is a tough, water-resistant packaging paper. It is usually brown and has a wide range of uses. The basis weight range is 80 g/m2 to 120 g/m2. Kraft paper is commonly used to make paper bags, envelopes, workbooks, record sleeves, files, and sandpaper. The main quality requirements are flexibility and firmness, high burst resistance, and can withstand greater tension and pressure without breaking.

6 Types of Kraft Paper and Their Best Business Uses

Kraft paper is distinguished by color: natural kraft paper, yellow kraft paper, brown kraft paper, golden kraft paper, black kraft paper, white kraft paper, and other commonly used colors.

  • The common kraft paper is natural kraft paper, which is the original color of the wood pulp. It is a more environmentally friendly option. The natural kraft paper has not been bleached and toned.
  • Yellow kraft paper is one type of kraft paper produced by wood pulp toning and printed on a yellow color. It is a refined kraft paper, For example, kraft paper for making envelopes,
  • Brown kraft paper is darker than yellow kraft paper. Golden kraft paper is golden yellow in color, mainly used for the composite use of envelope bubble bags, with special uses, and the market amount is relatively small.
  • Black kraft paper is a black paper made of black pure wood pulp. It has relatively good tensile strength, so it is called black kraft paper, and black kraft paper is also called black cardboard.
  • White kraft paper is white kraft paper produced from bleached wood pulp, mainly used for paper bags, food packaging bags, stainless steel lining paper, etc.
  • Custom printed kraft paper is suitable for creating branded wrapping, packaging, and in-store displays. That means you can print your branded logos and other information to display.

What is the difference between white kraft paper and brown kraft paper?

The biggest difference is the color. Brown kraft paper is the type that we see usually, which is known to everyone. White kraft paper is made of bleached wood pulp.

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