Paper Roll Die Cutting Machine is a full-automatic high-precision web die-cutting machine. It is professional equipment for pressing and cutting various ordinary paper and coated paper. It is suitable for printing, packaging, paper cups, and other paper container production industries.

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Technical Parameters

Normal speed100-180 times/min
Max pressure60 tons
Workbench size850mm*270mm
Eccentric gear range30mm
Overall size2800mm*1900mm*1850mm(L*W*H)
Height on land≤3000mm
Feed paper roll diameter≤1.4m
Feed paper roll weight≤3tons

What is a Roll Paper Die Cutting Machine?

Roll paper automatic die-cutting machine is used to press and cut various cartons, paper cups, paper bowls, surrounding labels, gift bags, Tetra Pak cardboard, window paper, cigarette packs, mosquito coils, paper-plastic covers, aluminum-plastic covers, Non-woven fabrics, PVC folding boxes, various plastic sheets, and other materials, as well as special equipment for molding, die-cutting and creasing of different plastic products.

It is suitable for the production of paper and film industries. Under the traction of the servo motor, the roll paper is sent to the flat die-cutting station. The amount can be set through the screen, which is convenient and accurate. Both white paper and printed paper can be die-cut, and the tension system adopts a pneumatic clutch, which is fast and reliable.

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Die Cutting Machine Features:

  1. It adopts advanced worm gear and worm structure of the movement, and synchronously sends oil to all parts of the movement to prolong the service life of the equipment.
  2. Using advanced typesetting technology, fan-shaped paper can save up to 18%, saving manpower and improving production efficiency.
  3. Control feeding, realize color mark tracking, and ensure die-cutting accuracy.
  4. According to the typesetting of the paper, different shapes of blades can be used, and the blades can be locked pneumatically, which is easy to replace.
  5. The double-row rubber rollers for paper feeding move synchronously at random, and at the same time, the wind assists paper feeding, which improves the paper feeding function.
  6. Reel embossing tape die-cutting, creasing, corrugation, multi-purpose machine.

Flatten cutting process flow chart as follows:

Put into paper roll → Down oil cylinder → Propel paper roll → Roll in the middle → Inflatable shaft swell → Up oil cylinder → Feeding paper → In middle position →  Start to die cutting.

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Working Video


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