What is a paper cup sleeve glue equipment? What is it used for? How much is the paper sleeve making machine? Read here to learn more about the paper cup sleeve machine for sale.

YG-35 Duoble wall paper cup sleeve forming machine is the automatic equipment through the procedure of automatic feeding, sealing, gluing, and closing at one time to let the cups have a double layer or ripple layer to avoid heat. Contact us to get the Automatic Paper Cup Sleeve Machine With Ultrasonic Sealing Price.

Paper Cup Sleeve Machine Parameters

Here are the technical parameters of our paper cup sleeve machine. Note: We can customize the machine and mold according to the customer’s requirements.

Paper Cup Size6-16oz
Paper Cup Top DiameterMin 65mm-max94mm
Paper Cup Bottom DiameterMin45mm-60mm
Paper Cup HeightMin60mm-135mm
Speed50-55pcs/min (Speed of 20 hours stable running per day)
Suitable paper weight150-350gsm
Voltage supply220v50hz single phase/ 380v50hz 3-phase
(better to use 380v50hz 3-phase)
*If the user’s voltage supply is different, please inform us in advance.
General power4.7KW
Net weight1500kgs
Measurement (mm)2150*950*1650MM
Cup Side SealingUltrasonic


  • The automatic lubrication system reduces the wear of machine parts and improves the stability of equipment production.
  • Reasonable design, and stable operation of equipment.
  • Easy to operate.
  • The machine adopts Ultrasonic sealing.
  • It is a multifunctional Cup Sleeve Glue Machine. It can produce hollow cups, corrugated cups, and solid paste cups.
  • The equipment is suitable for double-layer milk tea cups, double-layer coffee cups, and corrugated cups.

Paper Cup Sleeve Machine Working video

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