Semi-automatic Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine for sale in Germany | 30-220pcs/min

Exciting news! A Customer from Germany ordered from YG Paper Machinery a Semi-automatic Square bottom paper bag making machine and a printing machine.

The machine is like the image below:

low cost paper bag making machine

YG-FD220 Paper Bag Machine Technical Information

Cutting Length190-370mm
Paper Bag Width220mm
Bottom width50-105mm
Paper bag thickness50-130g/㎡
Mechanical speed30-260pcs/min
Paper bag manufacturing speed30-200pcs/min
Paper roll width280-640mm
Paper diameter1300mm
Inner diameter of paper76mm
Total power380V  3phase  4line  11.5kw
The whole machine pressure0.5MPa-0.8MPa
Total Weight6000kg
Overall size8500*3500*2200mm

Semi-automatic Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine for sale in Germany

This low cost paper bag machine is used for making square bottom kraft paper bags, such as various food bags, hand-held shopping bags, and other environmentally friendly packaging paper bags. The machine can produce paper bags without handles at a very fast speed. The maximum production speed can reach 200 pcs/min.

The whole machine is controlled by the computer control system. It has the advantages of fast speed, high production efficiency, and a large adjustment range.

square bottom kraft paper bag making machine

Production Process of Kraft paper bags

This equipment is to complete the side gluing of primary color or printed roll paper at one time, folding into micro, paper tube cutting, bottom gluing, bag bottom forming, and bag output. The whole machine is controlled by the computer control system.

Kraft Paper Bag Machine Features

Touch screen man-machine interface, real-time display of working status.

The ultra-precise servo control system ensures the stable and efficient operation of the machine

Material loading and unloading adopt a pneumatic lifting structure.

Fully automatic constant tension control system, the tension is not bad from the beginning to the end.

Double photoelectric sensor limits automatic deviation correction control system, stable deviation correction, energy saving, and long life.

Thumb buckle, flat bottom cutting device, various bag making types to choose from.

Non-stop wheel hub side clamp synchronous adjustment structure, adjusting the side clamp will become very simple and fast.

The anti-air coating control of the glue roller prevents the glue from directly brushing the surface of the wheel hub and reduces unnecessary troubles.

Accurate color mark tracking system, automatic shutdown if the color mark is wrong.

Automatic lubricating oil supply system.

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