Paper bag can usually be used as a shopping bag. Standard paper bags are made of kraft paper. But there are also other types of paper bags. In this article, we will talk about the paper bag making machine, including v bottom and square bottom paper bag machine.

V Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

This is an ideal machine for making all kinds of knife paper bags, snack food paper bags, bread paper bags, dried fruit bags, and environmentally friendly paper bags.

Fully Automatic V bottom Paper Bag Making Machine With Servo Control

In general, V Bottom Paper Bag Machine uses paper rolls in blank or printed as raw materials. The machine is easy to operate and runs smoothly. High efficiency.

Cutting Length230-370mm
Paper Bag Width75-240mm
Paper bag length (mm)120-220mm (1/8 hub), 220-420mm (1/4 hub)
Paper weight (g/m2)40-80g/㎡
Paper width (mm)260-720mm
Unwinding Diameter (mm)800mm
Bag-making speed (pcs/min)60-400pcs/min
Total power (kW)6KW
Machine weight (kg)1450KG
Overall size4400x1700x1600mm

Grocery Paper Bag Making Machine

This is the ideal equipment for making shopping paper bags, grocery paper bags, bread bags, loading food bags, etc.

Need a grocery paper bag machine? This one has a capacity of making 220 plus paper bags. The equipment can make Multi-dimensional and easy-to-carry grocery paper bags. The paper bag making count can differ depending upon the type of model you choose. The bag length is controlled by gear. Contact us to get the paper bag machine price.

Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

Fully Automatic Roll Fed Square Bottom Bag Making Machine

This machine uses roll paper, roll head card, and paper rope as raw materials. This fully automatic machine can make square bottom paper bags with handles at a fast speed. It is an ideal equipment for the production of portable paper bags.

Cutting Length230-370mm
Paper Bag Width140-220mm
Bottom width60-140mm
Paper weight (g/m2)50-140g/㎡
Paper roll width (mm)410-770mm
Paper material diameter1300mm
Paper core Inner Diameter76mm
Handle Patch Length152mm
Handle Patch Width50mm
Paper rope Spacing75mm
Handle paper rope diameter3-5mm
Handle paper roll width100mm
Handle paper roll diameter1200mm
Handle Patch Paper Weight100-135g/㎡
Mechanical speed30-200pcs/min
Paper bag production speed30-180pcs/min
Handle Making Speed30-150ocs/min
Cutter MethodePinking
Total power380V /3phase 4 line 28kw

Semi Automatic Shopping Bag Making Machine

Cutting Length220mm
Paper Bag Width50-105mm
Bottom width50-130g/m³
Paper bag thickness30-260pcs/min
Mechanical speed30-200pcs/min
Paper roll width280-640mm
Paper diameter1300mm
Inner diameter of paper76mm
Total power380V 3 phase 4 line 11.5kw
semi automatic paper bag making machine for sale

This semi automatic machine is very hot selling model. We have exported the machine to many countries. Check here a working case in Germany of semi automatic square bottom paper bag machine.

Fully Automatic Sheet Fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

The Sheet Fed Automatic Bag Making Machine uses single-sheet paper as raw material. The machine can complete indentation, punching, folding (or not folding), forming a tube, forming an organ, back sealing, and compacting at one time. Especially suitable for the production of outsourcing tote bags for clothing, footwear, and sports brands. Fully automated production.

Bag of Tube Length300-550mm
Bag Body With150-290mm
Bottom Size60-130mm
Paper material length300-550mm
Paper material width430-870mm
Max.Production Speed60-80bags/min
Total Power18.5KW
Weight of Machineapprox.10000kg
Overall Dimension(L*W*H)L13000mm*W1500mm*H1700mm

Check here the low cost paper bag making machine price in Mexico.

Paper Handle Machine

Fully Automatic Paper Handle Making And Pasting Machine

This machine is mainly used with semi-automatic paper bag machines. It can produce flat paper bag handles, which are then glued to the paper bags. Therefore, it has many advantages, for example, saving labor costs, being easy to operate, stable, high efficiency, etc.

Technical Parameters

Rope spacing (A)84mm
Rope width (B)12mm
Paper rope height (C)100mm
Paper width (D)40mm
Paper length (E)152mm
Rope length352mm
Bag width250-400mm
Bag height250-450mm
Top opening sizeOver 130mm
Production speed35~40 pcs/min
Servo motor power750W
Total power380V, 10KW, 50HZ
Overall sizeL7000*W1600*H1500mm

Fully Automatic Paper Handle Making Machine

This equipment can be used with the semi-automatic or automatic paper bag machine. The Fully Automatic High Speed Handle Making Machine is capable of producing round rope and flat rope handlebars quickly. The machine uses two narrow paper rolls and a roll of paper rope as raw materials. It forms the handle by sticking the roll paper and paper rope together and cutting them step by step.

The machine also has the functions of automatic counting and automatic gluing, which can greatly improve the efficiency of users’ subsequent processing operations.

A: Handle Length90-110mm
B: Patch Width30/40mm
C: Patch Length160/190mm
D: Handle Width80-95mm
ModelYG-100 Paper Bag Handles Making Machine
Paper roll core diameterΦ76mm
Max. Paper roll diameterΦ1000mm
Production Speed7000pairs/hour
Power Requirements380V, 50Hz, 3 phases, 5 Wires
Total Power5.1kw
Total WeightApprox, 1500kg
Overall DimensionL4700*w1300mm*H1500mm
fully autotmatic paper rope making machine


  1. The automatic gluing function of the finished product of the handle can effectively improve the processing efficiency of subsequent paper bags.
  2. An optional 10-meter working platform is available to facilitate subsequent paper bag machining operations.
  3. There are two different configurations, an optional water glue device or a hot melt glue device.

Rope Making Machine

We provide two types rope making machines: single station and Double station twisting paper rope machines. The equipment can be able to quickly produce round ropes to feed higher-speed machines. Check the parameters below.

Core Diameter of Raw Rope RollΦ76 mm(3”)
Max. Paper Rope Diameter450mm
Paper Roll Width20-100mm
Paper Thickness15-60g/㎡
Paper Rope DiameterΦ2.5-6mm
Max. Rope Roll Diameter300mm
Max. Paper Rope width300mm
Production Speed20-40m/min
Power Requirements220V
Total Power1.5KW
Total WeightApprox.400KG
Overall DimensionL1580*W1440*H930mm

Rope Rewinding Machine

Paper rope rewinder is mainly support for the paper rope machine. High speed. Easy to operate and Stable. The machine can avoid knots in the base paper rope roll.

Working principle: Through the high speed spinning of the axes of the machine, it rewinds the paper rope roll which was made by the paper rope machine to enlarge the diameter of the final paper rope roll.

Technical parameters

Inner Diameter of Raw Rope Roll76mm
Inner Diameter of Final Rope Roll180mm
Outer Diameter of Final Rope Roll400-600mm
Production speed180m/min max.
Power2.2kw, 380V

Machine details

In conclusion

To make the paper bags, you need serval machines, such as paper bag folding machine, paper bag sealing machine, paper bag handles making machine, etc. YG Paper Machinery, as an environmental protection paper bag equipment manufacturer, can provide you with a one-stop solution. Please contact us with your requirements in detail, like paper bag size, square bottom or v bottom, With or without hand rope, braided rope or round rope, etc. And we will make a plan for you.

Leave your messages if you have any questions.