YG Paper Cup Machine can stably produce paper cups of various specifications. The machine can be customized to produce 2-9oz, 3-16oz, 6-22oz single and double coated paper cups according to customer requirements.

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Choose your paper cup machine model

There are many models of our paper cup machines for you to choose from. Different models have different production speeds, Absolutely, the prices are also different. You can choose according to your needs. 

Our paper cup machine can reach the production of 200 paper cups per minute at the fastest. We can also customize the paper cup machine according to your needs.

3-22 oz Disposable Cup Forming Production Line

A complete disposable paper cup forming production line can be composed of multiple devices. YG Paper Machinery manufactures types of machines for making paper cups, such as 4 colors/6 colors flexo printing machine, cup fan punching machine, paper cup handle making machine, cup lid making machine, disposable cup forming machine, paper cup packing machine, double wall cup sleeve making machine, etc.

4 Colors Flexo Printing Machine

YG-YS850 4-Color Printing Machine

Printing Speed: 60-80 m/min

Printing Size: 175-380mm

Power: 0.6mp

die cutting machine

YG-CQ850 Punching Machine/Die cutting machine

Punching Speed: 180-200 times/min

Feed width: 860mm

Power: 0.6mp

YG-BZ350 Paper Cup Packing Machine

Packing Speed: 6-13m/min

Bag width: 50-160mm

Bag Length: 150-1000mm

Sample Display

disposable cups

Disposable paper cup production process

  1. PE coating: that is, the base paper (white paper) is coated with PE film by a laminating machine. The paper on one side of the coating is called single-sided PE-coated paper; the one coated on both sides is called double-sided PE-coated paper.
  2. Cutting: Use a slitting machine to cut the coated paper into rectangular pieces of paper (for the walls of the paper cup) and roll paper (for the bottom of the paper cup).
  3. Printing: Use a letterpress printing machine to print various patterns on rectangular sheets of paper.
  4. Die-cutting: Use a flat creasing and cutting machine (commonly known as a die-cutting machine) to cut the printed paper into fan-shaped pieces for making paper cups.
  5. Forming: The operator only needs to put the fan-shaped paper cup sheet and the cup bottom web into the feeding port of the paper cup forming machine. The paper cup forming machine automatically feeds paper, seals, punches and other operations to automatically form paper cups of various specifications you need. The whole process can be easily operated by one person.
  6. Packaging: Seal and package the finished paper cups in plastic bags, and then package them into cartons.

YG Paper Machinery provides the full solution for your paper cup factory.

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