The books, newspaper, used carton box, the used paper… All of these are waste paper. We all know that water paper is a recycling material, but how do recycle waste paper after recycling? What is the current status of waste paper recycling? Here. we will introduce to you the waste paper pulper machine and recycling machine.

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Steps to turn waste paper into high quality pulp

How To Make Pulp From Waste Paper? Turn waste paper into high-quality pulp nearly need four steps:

  • Waste paper conveying
  • Pulping
  • Screening
  • Cleaning.

The waste paper pulping machine includes Hydrapulper, High-Density Cleaner, M.C.Pressure Screen, Reject Separator and Light Impurity Separator( tailing dealing device ), Low-Density Cleaning Machine, Pulp Inflow Pressure Screen, Pulp Pump, Agitator, etc.

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Paper Hydra Pulper for Paper Mill | Waste Paper Recycling Machine

Henan Yugong Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 and is committed to applying the most cutting-edge technology to papermaking. It is famous for its advanced pulping technology. The pulp and paper industry provides users around the world with the most efficient waste paper treatment process. As a world-renowned major supplier of waste paper pulp processing equipment, pulping equipment and services are distributed to pulp and paper enterprises in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

High consistency recycled waste paper pulp making machine

Waste Paper Pulp Machine for Cardboard Paper Recycling Line

YG Recycled Waste Paper Pulping Machine is used for breaking commodity pulp board, broken paper under papermaking machine, and various kinds of waste paper.

  • High consistency output: up to 13%
  • Nominal Volume: 3-20mΒ³
  • Capacity: 5-200 t/d

Paper Pulping Machine Parameters

Pulp consistence6-10% or 10-13%6-10% or 10-13%6-10% or 10-13%6-10% or 10-13%6-10% or 10-13%

D type Waste Paper Pulping Machine | Hydrapulper

D Type Hydrapulper is applied in numerous paper mills with high praise by our customers.

  • Consistency: 3-5%
  • Mesh specifications: Ο†10-Ο†24mm
  • Motor power: 90-160kw

Hydrapulper Technical Parameters

The inner diameter1000mm1200mm1600mm1800mm2400mm2500mm2700mm3500mm
Rotor diameter360mm450mm500mm540mm700mm800mm1000mm1250mm
Rotor speed700r/min650r/min490r/min480r/min450r/min336r/min320r/min320r/min
Slurry tube diameter80mm100mm125mm150mm200mm250mm250mm325mm
Inlet pipe diameter50mm50mm65mmD60mm80mm80mm80mm100mm
Pulp concentration2.5-4.5%2.5-4.5%2.5-4.5%2.5-4.5%2.5-4.5%2.5-4.5%2.5-4.5%2.5-4.5%

Features of Waste Paper Pulper System Hydropulper

  • There are D types and O types to choose from.
  • Excellent pulp quality: The pulper can remove light and heavy impurities such as plastic, foil, and hot melt glue in the pulp.
  • Simple and stable structure, Lowest maintenance cost.

Drum Pulper for Waste Paper Recycling

Drum Pulper for Waste Paper Recycling

Drum Pulper is used for waste paper pulping, such as newspaper, mixed waste paper, industrial paper board, etc.

  • Pulp consistency: 14%-18%
  • Capacity: 70-1400t/d
  • Applications: paper pulping, waste paper pulping


Certainly, if you have special demands for the hydrapuler, we will configure it for you. Please leave your requirements in detail here.

How Does a Paper Recycling Machinery Work?

The waste paper will be conveying to the paper pulper. Waste paper is mixed with water in a pulper to form a sticky pulp. The machine mixes the water and the waste paper until the pulp becomes “porridge” and the substances in the pulp are fully mixed. During this process, the filtering system will filter other impurities such as plastics, metals, and inks.

You need re-add water to a pure pulp after separation, and then add chemicals according to the required function.

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How Much Does a Waste Paper Pulper Machine Cost?

The hydra pulper price is very different according to the equipment type and the capacity. β€œYou Get What You Pay for” is the basic deal principle. So contact us with your requirements in detail, our sales manager will make a quotation in detail for you.

Quality pulper machine supplier

YG Paper Machinery is a reliable paper pulper machine for paper mills. We have all machines for papermaking, such as a paper pulper, Vacuum system, air compression system, glue boiling system, three-stage air supply system, QCS system, rewinding system, etc. Our machines have been exported to many countries and regions. For Example, Ethiopia, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, etc.

If you want to start the papermaking business, please contact us to get a professional guide and a detailed plan for paper making machines. We are always here to help.

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