egg tray molding machine

The egg tray machine is also called the egg crate making machine. It is a kind of egg tray processing equipment. In this article, we will present to you the high speed automatic paper egg tray making machine for sale.

12 Side Egg Tray Machine

Model: DT5*12

Capacity: 5000-6000p/h

Power: 4 kW

8 Side Egg Crate Equipment

Model: DT4*8

Capacity: 3500-4500p/h

Power: 4 kW

4 Side Egg tray moulding machine

Model: DT3*4

Capacity: 1800-2300p/h

Power: 3 kW

Small egg tray making machine

Model: DT3*1

Capacity: 1000p/h

Power: 2.2 kW

Popular Models

We have different egg tray production lines with different outputs and configurations according to the different needs of customers and budgets. Check the table below.

ModelOutput(pcs/h)Mould QuantityTotal Power(kW)Raw Materials (kg/h)


  1. Raw Material: Any kind of waste paper, like old newspapers, magazines, books, Old corrugated cardboard boxes, etc.
  2. Automation: Fully-automatic control.
  3. Quality Standard: CE
  4. 100% environmentally production process.
  5. Capacity: 1000 -7500 pcs/h


The egg tray machine prodcution line is multi-purpose, and can be used to produce environmental protection tableware, plant fiber decorative wall panels, industrial packaging, environmental protection medical trays and other disposable appliances, cattle plugs, welding masks, egg trays, nursery cups, paper mold toys and other products. If you want to open a production line, it is also possible.
paper pulp forming machine finished products

Paper Pulp Egg Tray Production Line

The egg tray production line is one popular type of paper pulp forming machine. We provide the fully automatic and semi-automatic production line for making egg trays. Which type do you prefer? Please contact us to get more details about the equipment.

auto egg tray production line
Fully automatic egg tray production line

Model: DT5*12

Capacity: 5000-6000p/h

Power: 4 kW

semi automatic egg crate making machine for sale
Semi-automatic Egg tray making machine

Model: DT4*4

Capacity: 2200-2500p/h

Power: 3 kW

Production Process

  1. Raw Materials: You can choose the waste paper or Regenerated pulp from plant fiber pulp as the raw materials.
  2. Paper Pulping Machine: The old newspapers, magazines, cartons, and other waste papers are disintegrated andscreened. Then add the chemical additives and other processes to prepare a certain concentration of pulp for molding.
  3. Automatic Thermoforming Vacuum Machine: The slurry is uniformly attached to the special molding die by vacuum action to form a wet product, and then transferred to a drying system.
  4. Egg Tray Dryer Machine: Using heat sources such as GAS, diesel oil, steam, heat transfer oil, etc., the egg trays are wet-dried.
  5. Packaging: Automatic packaging machine will pack the egg tray for sale.
egg tray production process

How much is the Egg Tray Making Machine For Sale?

What is the egg tray manufacturing machine price? Contact us to get the machine price. WhatsApp/WeChat +8613598866720.

Note: Besides the paper egg carton making machine, we have also plastic egg tray making machine for sale. Please leave your requirements in detail to get a free quote.

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