Small A4 Paper Slitting Machine for Sale in Kyrgyzstan

YG-1100D A4 sheet cutting machine shipped to Kyrgyzstan.

Azamat Isakov owns a small printing company in Bishkek, He was struggling to keep up with demand. They were manually cutting paper for their printing jobs, which was taking a lot of time and effort. So, they decided to invest in an A4 paper cutting machine, and it has been a lifesaver.

Overall, YG-1100D A4 paper size cutting machine has been a great investment for the small printing company in Bishkek. It has helped them to improve their productivity, save time and effort, and increase their customer satisfaction.

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Automatic A4 Sheet Cutting Machine

A fully automatic high-precision cross-cutting machine (A4 paper cutting machine) is suitable for cutting roll packaging materials such as various office papers, high-gloss photo papers, and paper-plastic composites.

Technical Parameters

Paper roll material range 60g-500g
Cutting width≤ 1400mm
Accuracy± 0.2mm
Cross-cutting length100mm-2540mm (the cutting length depends on the weight of the paper)
Mechanical linear speed70M/min (depending on the length of the material cut)
Cutting frequency10-160 times/min
Maximum unwinding diameter≤ 1400mm)
Total power supplyapproximately 8.5kw/380V/50Hz
Machine weightapproximately 2600kg
Dimension5000 mm × 2000 mm ×1300mm


  1. This machine adopts PLC touchscreen control, servo motor controls fixed-length cutting.
  2. The transmission system adopts centralized control such as pneumatic and photoelectric sensors. This machine integrates light, electricity and gas, and has the advantages of easy operation, high cutting precision, mechanical stability and low noise.
  3. Motor frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic counting, alarm stop, magnetic powder tension control. It can be cut vertically in multiple sections, and the waste edge is automatically removed by the fan.
  4. Multiple rolls can be cut horizontally and vertically at the same time.

What is the A4 paper cutting machine price?

We have semi automatic A4 size pape sheet cutting machine, fully automatic a4 paper slitting machine, a4 paper cutting and packing machine, etc. Please leave here which model you prefer and our sales manager will send you a detailed quote.

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Installation and operation

We provide:

  1. Comprehensive installation teaching video, installation manual, tension control guide;
  2. On-site installation and operation guidance by engineers;
  3. Engineers on-site train customer employees, and guide and train the performance and safe operation of the machine.
a4 sheet cutting machine price

Customer Feedback

“It is very accurate, with a cutting tolerance of +/- 0.2 mm. This means that I can be sure that my papers will be cut to the exact size I need them to be. Very efficient. The machine can cut through paper quickly and easily. Finally, I appreciate the one-year warranty that comes with this machine. It gives me peace of mind in case something goes wrong.

— Azamat Isakov, General Manager

YG provides excellent services. The machine is very durable, made from high-quality materials that can withstand heavy use. I have used it for many years.

— Sharon Elidan, Purchasing Manager

I love how easy this machine is to use. The controls are simple and intuitive, so I can get started cutting paper right away.

— Ms. Julian Smith, Project Purchase Manager

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