How is made paper? Paper plays an important role in daily life, widely used on different occasions, such as in offices and studies. Here we will introduce the paper production process and the paper making machine production line.

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Production Line | Paper pulping and making machine

The paper production line is composed of paper pulping production line, paper forming part, paper pressing part and paper drying part, and paper calendering machine.

Straw/Wood Pulp Production Line

  • Raw materials: Wheat straw, thatch, poplar wood
  • Capacity: 700T of pulp, 1800T of raw materials processed

Waste Paper Pulping Machine

  • Pulp consistency: 14%-18%
  • Capacity: 70-1400t/d
  • Applications: paper pulping, waste paper pulping
Drum Pulper for Waste Paper Recycling

High grade cultural paper machine

  • Output paper weight: 35-200g/m2
  • Capacity: 1-3T/D
  • Working speed: 20- 30 m/min
high grade cultural paper machine

2100mm Kraftliner Paper Machine

  • Working Speed: 150-280mpm
  • Weight Range: 80-250GSM
  • Production Capacity: 100TPD

3600mm Fourdrinier Corrugated Paper Making Machine

  • Paper grade: high strength corrugated paper
  • Basis weight: 90-220gsm
  • Operation speed: 250m/min

Paper production process

1. Paper Pulping

If you use the used paper as raw materials: Used paper  → Separate and clean the fibers → Dilution process to form a thin fiber mixture → Bleach → Washing and concentration → Paper pulp.

If you use wood/straw/cotton rod as raw materials: Wood/Straw/Cotton rod → Fiber separation → Wash screening → Bleach → Washing → Paper pulp.

2. Papermaking

Check the Paper making process here: Paper pulp → Conveyor → Forming → Press → Dry → Coater → Dry → Paper roll machine → Rewinder → Paper roll.

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3. Kraft paper production process

Raw materials (waste paper) → Pulper → vibrating sieve → pulp tank → pulp pump → bleach machine(thruster) → refiner machine → pulp tank → pulp pump → pressure sieve → pulp tank → pulp pump → except sand machine → net box → cylinder → blanket → paper making machine → drying → roll paper → the big finished jumbo paper → process machine → Kraft paper.

Paper Making Machine Price

How much is a papermaking machine? The investment amount depends on capacity, paper type, raw materials, etc. So if you want to start a paper manufacturing business, please contact us to get more help.

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