Multi-layer kraft paper bag, do you know how to make it? The multi wall paper sacks are widely used in industry. And they can pack food, cement, concretes or pigment, etc. In this guide, we will talk about the Multi-layer Kraft Paper Bag Machine. And we will list the machine parameters, machine photos, and finished product photos for your reference.

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Multi-Layer Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine For Sale

3-6 layers kraft paper sack machine
  • Bag Length: 500-1100mm
  • Bag Width: 320-600mm (can be adjusted at will);
  • Number of bag making layers: 1-4 layers (or 3+1 film)

This equipment is suitable for making heavy-duty kraft paper bags. These paper sacks are widely used in industry. And they can pack food, cement, concretes or pigment, etc. And such kraft paper bag is normally 3 layers or 2 layers with a layer of plastic film.

kraft paper bags heavy duty paper bags

Heavy-duty kraft paper bags making machine parameters

  • Bag making length: 500-1100mm (touch screen control, servo fixed length, if there is a color bag, it can be cut off according to the color mark);
  • The width of bag making: 320-600mm can be adjusted at will;
  • Coil width: A: 660โ€”1220mm;
  • The maximum allowable paper roll diameter: B: 1200mm (the diameter of the paper roll can be customized according to customer requirements);
  • Paper weight: C: 70-140 grams;
  • The allowable diameter D of the roll paper core: ะค76mm (domestic standard paper core);
  • Number of layers for bag making: 1-4 layers (or 3+1 film);
  • Bag making speed: 30-108m/min (the speed is about 80m/min when connecting to the printing machine);
  • Optional: Full servo control dispensing system, speed synchronization paper bag machine.

4 colors Kraft Paper Printer Machine

This 4 colors Kraft Paper Printer Machine can print 1 to 4 colors. The equipment is controlled by a PLC control system.

1-4 Colors Paper Printing Machine

  • Maximum printing speed:10-18m/min
  • Printing length: 260-1370mm
  • Suitable for printing chemical bags, cement bags, food packaging bags, handbags, and other industrial bags.

Kraft Paper Bag Printing Machine Technical Parameters

Effective printing width1160mm
Maximum width of the substrate1250mm
Paper size70gm2-140gm2
Maximum printing speed10m/min-80m/min
Maximum diameter of rewinding and unwindingฮฆ1200mm
Printing length260-1370mm
Color registration accuracyยฑ0.3mm
Oven heating power35.2kw
Total machine power43kw
Machine weight5500kg
Dimensions (length*width*height)7815ร—2200ร—2300(mm)

Multi layer Kraft paper bag making process

Multi layer Kraft paper bag making process

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