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Baby / Adult Diaper Manufacturing Machine | Production Line

diaper making machine

Certified Baby Diaper Making Machine Manufacturer & Supplier

  • Production Capacity: 250-800 pcs/min
  • Raw Material: Wood Pulp/PE Film/Nonwoven/SAP
  • Motor: Full servo motor

A full servo high-speed diaper production line is composed of a production machine, stacker, and packaging machine. The production speed can be up to 600 pieces/min.

Diaper making machine Parameters


Capacity40-140 million pieces/year
Designed Speed600pcs/min
Stable Speed450-550pc/min (T shape)
Passing rate≥ 98% (Not include the glue applicator, Auto Splicing)

Technical Parameter:

Power Supply3 phase, 5 wires (380v, 50HZ)
Power Installed250KW include Glue filter
Power Used220KW
Electric wire3×120mm2+1×50mm2+1×25mm2
Compressed Air Supply0.6~0.8Mpa
Compressed Air Absorption4000 Nl/min
Machine Size32.0m× 7.0m× 3.5m(L× W× H )
Working Size39m × 9.0 ×5.0m (L× W× H )
Machine Weightabout 50 Tons (whole production line)
Machine ColorWhite
Machine DirectionFrom Left to Right (can be designed to customer’s demand)
Finish Product Size
( Based on Customer’s requirement)
Length: 550mm max. / 350mm min.
Width: 350mm max. / 200mm min.


The diaper production line is mainly divided into baby diaper making machine and adult diaper production line. And the production process is mainly divided into production line unit, stacking machine, and packing machine. The main function of the diaper production line is to spray different materials such as waterproof non-woven fabrics, composite cotton cores, polymer materials, and non-woven fabrics for diversion layers, and then compound them layer by layer. Then the products will go through arc cutting, longitudinal folding, final cutting, and three-folding. That is how are made finished diapers.

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Diaper Raw Materials

diaper raw materials list

Baby Diaper stacker and packaging machine

The finished products enter the stacker for packaging through the over-stacking unit to obtain diaper products packaged in groups. Here is a working video of the equipment.

Working video

Diaper Packaging Machine | Baby Diaper Packing Machine for sale

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