Kraft paper production line in Vietnam

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Kraft Liner/Testliner Paper Board Manufacturing Line

Kraft Paper Manufacturing Project

Paper weight: 70-140g/m2;

Working speed: 150-400m/min;

Output: 500,00TPY

Production paper type: Kraft paper

Project Introduction

In October 2022, for the first time, YG Paper Machinery signed a contract with *** Paper Company for the kraft paper pulp preparation system. And it will officially start production in September 2023.

This is our first paper production line that will be installed in Vietnam. It shows that YG Paper Machinery has achieved new achievements in the high-end household paper supporting projects. The breakthrough has once again proved that its reliable, stable, and energy-saving stock preparation system equipment has been fully recognized by customers.

2500mm Kraft Paper Making Machine

Check the parameters of this 50,000 TDY kraft paper production line:

Model2500mm Kraft Paper Making Production Line
Main product:Kraft paper or Fluting paper
Basic weight:70-140g/m2
Width of paper:2500mm
Width of rolling paper:2580mm
Working speed:150–400m/min
Driving mode:AC motor frequency conversion speed subsection drive
Pressure3Mpa, 2Mpa, 0.5Mpa
Powerhigh pressure, 380/220V

Raw Materials

Production Line Details

Fourdrinier Department

This part is composed of headbox, screen frame, walk table, white water tray, dehydration element, vacuum stick, drive net stick, guide net stick, scraper, water spray pipe, paper edge cutting needle, net tensioner, correction, and other parts; all sub-bearings are lubricated with grease.

Press Department

Pressing form: Two large-diameter gantry presses. All press rubber wheels are covered with synthetic rubber, and the bearings are matched with Wafangdian bearings or Luoyang bearings.

Pressurization method: pneumatic pressurization

Drying Department

The dryer department adopts the gearbox transmission. The rack is a box-shaped structure. The operation and transmission sides of the drying section are equipped with longitudinal and necessary horizontal walking platforms. The steam hood shell is made of high-quality anti-rust aluminum alloy plate material with a corrugated surface around it.

Rewinding Machine

Adopt a horizontal pneumatic winder. It is mainly composed of a roll paper cylinder, roll paper main arm, auxiliary arm and its transmission device, scraper, automatic winding device, buffer brake device, etc.

kraft paper production line details

YG Paper Machinery

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