High-Grade Cultural Paper Machine in Uzbekistan

According to the customer’s requirements, all the required cultural paper machine was successfully sent to Uzbekistan on time and in quantity. The customer has received the goods. Thank you for your trust in us. YG Paper Machinery will serve you wholeheartedly, with our most professional technology and the most sincere attitude, we will contribute to the career of your paper mill.

1-3 Ton per day High Grade Cultural Paper Machine for Sale

High Grade Cultural Paper Machine for Sale
  • Output paper: Cultural paper
  • Output paper weight: 35-200g/m2
  • Net paper width: 700mm
  • Wire width: 900mm
  • Capacity: 1-3T/D
  • Working speed: 20- 30 m/min
  • Designing working speed: 50 m/min

What this writing/printing paper machine can produce?

A4 paper, copy paper, book paper, newspaper paper, newsprint, homework paper, offset paper, etc.

Main equipment structure of Cultural Paper Machine

  1. Heading section: open headbox is selected, which is composed of a square cone pipe, stepped diffuser, homogenizing roller, box, and so on. The upper and lower lip levers are made of stainless steel, and the upper lip lever can be used for full and partial adjustment.
  2. Fourdrinier section: The net table length is 20000mm. Except for the aluminum alloy bearing seat, the net table frame is all welded with section steel and outsourced with 1.5mm stainless steel. The wire section mainly includes breast rollers, forming plates, wiper pulleys, wet suction devices, and vacuum water suction. Box, vacuum couch roll, wire drive roll, straightening device, wire tensioner, shaker, cutting water needle, edge warping device, etc.
  3. Press section: It adopts vacuum suction to draw paper, consists of one vacuum press and three positive presses, and the paper yield in the press area is ≥ 40%.
  4. Drying section: Equipped with 30 Φ1500mm drying cylinders, arranged in 6+6+6+6+6, including one cold cylinder and 5 sets of drying net drives.
  5. Calendering and coiling department: Three-roll calendar and horizontal coiling machine are adopted.
  6. Transmission and control department: AC frequency conversion speed regulation, step-by-step transmission, full digital closed-loop modern system ABB.

Applicable Raw Materials

Processing raw materials of cultural paper machines can be waste book paper, white edge paper pulp, cotton, reed, wood pulp, etc.

The paper industry consumes a lot of raw materials, water, electricity, and chemicals, and produces a lot of waste water and waste residue. Therefore, the future of papermaking machinery will develop towards using a wide range of papermaking raw materials, reducing material and energy consumption in the papermaking process, and reducing environmental pollution.

Other Related Equipment

In order to meet different needs in the future, there are also paper calenders, paper rewinders, paper cutters, etc. behind the winders in the paper workshop.