Wet wipes machine for sale in UAE

On June 24, we received an inquiry from Mr. Mohammed from Saudi Arabia. He wanted to purchase a wet wipes machine and a packing machine. As soon as we received the messages, our sales manager Jasmine contacted Mr. Mohammed and asked about his requirements for the machine. Jasmine recommends the most suitable and cost-effective equipment for Mr. Mohammed. After several rounds of discussions, Mr. Mohammed confirmed his order with us, YG Machinery, at the end of June.

Now Mr. Mohammed has received the wet wipes manufacturing machine. Here is the machine model and other related information.

30-120 pcs/bag wet wipes manufacturing machine for sale in UAE

This machine can produce 25-60 bags of wet wipes per minute. YG Machinery offers high-quality machines and solutions for the wet wipes industry. If you are looking for wet tissue making machine, please contact us to get a free quote.

Wet Wipes Making Machine Technical Parameters

Suitable materialSpunlace non-woven, hot rolling non-woven fabrics, Air-laid paper
GSM of raw material40-80g/m2
Capacity3500-4800 pcs/min
Folding wayZ / W / C type (pop up or non-pop up)
Size of product (unfolded)(135-170)x(170-210) (MM)(LxW) (Modifiable)
Size of product (folded)(135-170) x (90-110)(MM)(LxW) (Modifiable)
Electrical sourceAC 380V 50/60Hz
Machine size12200mm*2450mm*2200mm (L*H*W)
Machine weight5000kg
Wetting systemOne stainless steel water tank with an agitator
Control systemPre-programmed full-auto PLC control system; Frequency speed controlling
Punching systemSynchro rotary cutter
Counting systemAuto-counting (operation interface setting)
Material loading device2 holders slitting into 12 channels, automatic tension controller

Wet Tissue Machines Features

  1. Product types that the machine can produce: Baby Wet wipes; Household wet wipes, etc.
  2. All the processes are finished on the machine without manual labor involved, so the finished product could meet the hygienic standard.
  3. The machine adopts the fully automatic system and PLC control system.
  4. A fully automatic Wet tissue packing machine is composed of a production date printing device, punching and opening device, bag gusset device, automatic eye tracking device, adjustable bag maker, with gusset device, and movable operation screen.
wet wipes making machine
wet wipes making machine

According to our client’s requirements, we add also a full automatic wet tissue lid applicator machine. This equipment can make 50-70 pieces per minute. The speed is related to the size and shape of the cover.

Working video

Our services

Then, you may ask, how about the installation and technical services? YG Paper Machinery provides 12 months of free services of machine warranty, except for being damaged by any man-made factors. Also, we provide 24 hours online technical services.

As for the installation, we will send you the installation guide video for you. Of course, if you are having trouble installing, we can send the installing/technician team for the machine. Note: This is not free. You need to pay the labor costs.

If you have any questions about the wet tissue machine, please feel free to contact us.

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