Toilet Roll Making Machine Toilet paper machine for sale in Australia

Gary from Australia wants to start a business to produce a lot of toilet paper for hotels, restaurants, and hospitals. So our sales manager Laxmi Xu recommends our fully automatic toilet roll making machine.

We offer a 1-year warranty for our fully automatic toilet paper machine, which will protect you in case of any problems with the machine.

Gary (Australia)

Purchase Date:
August 10, 2023

toilet toll making machine price

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Toilet Paper Roll Making Machine Production Line

The production line includes:

  • Paper tube machine
  • Paper slitter rewinder machine
  • Embossing equipment
  • Film Packing machine
  • Multi paper roll packing machine

Technical Parameters

Machine modelYG-1575/1880/2100/2400/2800/3000
Base paper roll diameter1200mm (Please specify)
Jumbo roll core diameter76mm (Please specify)
Punch2-4 knife, spiral cutter line
Control systemPLC control, variable frequency speed control, the touch screen operation
Product rangecore paper, noncore paper
Drop tubemanual and automatic (optional)
Working speed150-280 m/min
Power220V/380V 50HZ
EmbossingSingle embossing, double embossing
Finished product launchAutomatic

Features of a fully automatic toilet paper roll machine

  • High production capacity: YG Fully Automatic Toilet Roll Making Machine can produce a large number of paper rolls in a short amount of time.
  • Automatic operation: This machine does not require any manual operation. More efficient. Cost-effective.
  • PLC control system & Touchscreen display.
  • Variety of features: adjustable cutting length, automatic rewinding, and automatic trimming. If you want to customize the machine to your specific needs, please contact us.
  • Easy to use: You can start producing toilet paper quickly and easily.
  • Reliable and durable: Fully automatic toilet paper roll machine can work well for many years.

Toilet Paper Roll Production Process

How is made toilet paper roll? What equipment will I need for making toilet paper? You can check below.

toilet paper machine production line

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Customer Visiting

Our machines have been exported to many countries. For example, Indonesia, Brazil, the United States, Russia, Mexico, Turkey, Germany, Japan, etc. Welcome to our factory! We will be excited to show you around our facilities and learn more about your needs.


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