Waste Paper Recycling Process Unveiled: Recycle and Contribute to a Greener World

Have you ever wondered what happens to your waste paper after you toss it in the recycling bin? Discover the fascinating world of waste paper recycling and learn how you can contribute to a more sustainable future. Follow our comprehensive guide to understand the complete recycling waste paper recycling process!

Process of waste paper recycling

Scrap recycling station

waste paper

Waste paper collectors collected the waste paper and sold it to the waste collection station. The waste collection station will classify and package different waste papers according to their material prices, etc. The packaged waste paper will be sold to paper and pulp mills.

Pulp making section of paper mill

The process of waste paper pulping is crushing, screening, deinking, rinsing, pulp purification, refining, etc.

It’s just that the raw materials of waste paper are mixed. Some waste boxes have staples, some waste paper has a plastic film layer, and some have glue and ink.

These impurities are removed during the pulping process based on their characteristics. Large pieces of impurities are separated by the pulper screen plate. The heavy sand iron nails are removed by the descaler, the ink is dispersed by the deinking agent and floats, the adhesive is removed by the light slag table, and the small particles that have not been removed are heated and dispersed into small particles under the action of chemical substances, then they are dsorbed by fibers.

After a series of screening and purification, waste paper is transformed from domestic waste such as cardboard boxes and magazines into paper pulp.

Paper machine

High-Grade Cultural Paper Machine in Uzbekistan

Waste paper raw materials are often recycled multiple times and their quality is unstable. Therefore, paper machine pulps waste paper pulp and mixes it with raw fibers to produce high-quality paper.

To learn more about the production process of paper, you can read our guide how is made paper.

Paper processing factory

Processing plants will purchase raw paper for processing based on the end use. These papers will be processed into cartons and packaging for daily use through different processing methods, such as printing, coating, film coating, hot stamping, die cutting, box gluing, etc.

That is the process of waste paper recycling. Using waste paper as raw material for papermaking, the pulp yield is about 75%-85%.

Check the paper that can be recycled

waste paper recycling

What products can be made from various types of paper or cardboard after recycling?

White paper → White paper cultural paper, toilet paper

Newspaper → newsprint or industrial paper

Kraft paper→paper layer composition of cardboard and corrugated paper

Various types of paper produced in offices and other places → recycled paper, toilet paper

Mixed paper→recycled paper or cardboard, the middle core layer of corrugated paper


Waste paper recycling is a vital task that demands greater attention and support. It’s time for each of us to actively engage in recycling, protecting the environment, and reducing resource waste. Join the movement towards sustainable development and make your own meaningful contribution. Together, we can build a better world for generations to come!