What are the main aspects of pollution in paper mills?

In industrial production, the pollution of the pulp and paper mill industry is relatively serious. Many people do not know what are the main aspects of pollution in paper mills. Today, I will tell the paper mill pollution and Environmental Performance at paper mills.

Paper Mill Water Pollution

Water pollution is the main pollution of a paper mill. Pollutants are mainly heavy metals, which are very harmful to the human body. The paper industry produces a large amount of water and consumes a lot of water. The degree of water pollution ranks among the top among all industries. Waste gas, solid waste, and noise pollution cannot be underestimated.

Before papermaking, the raw materials of paper need to be soaked in a large amount of alkaline water, and the water needs to be changed during the period. This will cause a large amount of water to be polluted. In addition to the unpleasant smell, the water also contains many chemical agents such as alkalis. We can not reuse water.

If the waste water produced by papermaking is discharged into rivers without effective treatment, the organic substances in the waste water will consume oxygen in the water to ferment, oxidize, and decompose, resulting in the death of aquatic organisms such as fish and shellfish due to hypoxia. And some fine fibers in the waste water are easy to clog the gills of the fish. And it will cause their death of the fish. Bark, sawdust, grass clippings, rotten grass, and rotten pulp in the wastewater slowly sink to the bottom of the water, accumulate on the river bed and slowly ferment, producing a foul odor that makes residents on both sides of the river uninhabitable, and at the same time pollutes both sides of the river. plants cause death.


In short, the waste water produced by the paper mill can make the river water turbid, foul-smelling. Aquatic plants will not grow. Fish and shrimp will disappear. And mosquitoes and flies will grow in clusters, which seriously threatens the health of residents along the coast and causes various diseases. drinking water.

In addition to wastewater pollution, some solid waste discharged from the paper industry, such as rotten pulp, pulp residue, bark, wood chips, grass roots, coal ash, etc., will occupy land, ferment and deteriorate, and emit odor. When it rains, it will flow out with smelly water, thereby polluting surface water and groundwater sources. At the same time, the exhaust gas and smoke generated during the high-temperature cooking process and the noise during mechanical work also affect the health of the staff and nearby residents.

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