Automatic A4 Paper Cutting Machine

High Precision. Safety features(Automatic shut-off). 6-10 reams/min.

a4 size paper cutting machine part
a4 size paper cutting machine details
a4 size paper cutter detail
a4 paper cutting machine details

A4 size paper cutting machine

The A4 sheet cutting machine is used for cutting of A4/A3 copy paper and various other roll packaging papers, self-adhesive materials, high-gloss photo paper and paper-plastic composite materials. High-precision cutting, low noise, widely used in paper product processing industry, printing and packaging industry.

Our Products

A variety of equipment models to meet different user needs.

A4 A3 production line

A4/A3 Fully automatic cross-cutting machine

4 rolls. High capacity. It can cut A4/A3 and other various sizes.

ream paper making machine

Ream Paper Cutting&Packing Machine - 2/4 Rolls

Fully automatic type. With packing machine. 2-in-one machine.

a4 a3 paper cutting machine

Automatic A4 A3 paper cutting machine

Cutting A4/A3 size paper. PLC control. Automatic shut-off function.

A4 A3 paper cutting machine

Small A4 paper cutting machine

Low cost. Single roll. For small A4 paper manufacturing factory.

Why Choose Us

Ease of use

Clear instructions. Easy-to-access controls.

High Capacity

1-10 reams per minute. Choose the capacity you need.

High Precision

It is able to cut paper accurately and consistently.


Blade guard, automatic shut-off, two-handed operation, etc.

Client Testimonials

“This machine is very easy to use. Simply load your paper, select the desired cut size, and press the start button. The machine will do the rest.”
customer from oman
“Automatic paper cutters are much safer to use than manual paper cutters, as they eliminate the risk of accidents such as cuts and lacerations.”
nepalese client visit yg machinery
“Very nice. Safety features to ensure that I can use it safely and confidently. It is built to last, with a sturdy construction and high-quality components.”
turkiye customer

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