What is a Paper Splicer?

“Paper splicer”, as the name suggests, many people think that its main function is to splice paper. In fact, its other function is far more important than the paper splicing function, which is the paper web tension control.


The automatic paper splicing machine adopts an artificial intelligence design, equipped with a digital tension control system and computer terminal, and the paper splicing is efficient, reliable, and fast.

the purchase investment cost is high, the automatic splicing machine can achieve zero paper tail splicing, avoid unnecessary waste during splicing, reduce downtime and quality problems of corrugated cardboard production lines, and can effectively ensure stable high production speed and corrugated High quality of cardboard.

How to choose the best Paper Splicer?

As the raw material of corrugated cardboard, paper is a major cost factor, so how to ensure the quality of paper and reduce the amount of waste cardboard must be prioritized. The paper splicer naturally becomes an indispensable part of this link. So, what factors need to be paid attention to when purchasing a paper splicer?

  1. We must first consider the paper speed.
  2. To understand the paper tension range and tension control method.
  3. To understand the way of production pipe connection control.
  4. Pay attention to the calculation function of the paper storage length of the free roller.
  5. To consider the success rate of paper splicing.

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