Ways to reduce raw material loss: Corrugated paper production line transformation

Summary: Here, we will talk about the ways to reduce raw materials loss from the corrugated paper production line transformation.

The savings are all earned! In the carton box factory, the loss of the tile part accounts for about 80% of the loss of the whole factory. So, someone says “the one who wins the Corrugated paper production line wins the world.” If you can minimize the loss, you are outstanding in this industry. For example, for a carton factory with a monthly output value of 10,000,000, every 1% reduction in loss can save $ 600,000 a year!

Ways to reduce raw materials loss | Corrugated paper production line transformation

Here we list serval methods to reduce raw materials loss for the corrugated paper production line transformation. Check out.

Application of Paper Splicer – Reduce paper breaks and reduce scrap rate by 60% to 80%

Now, automatic Paper Splicer is an important equipment for the production line. It makes sure the high speed production of the whole production line.

The application of the high speed automatic Paper Splicer Machine can ensure that the entire paper splicing process can automatically complete under the condition of high-speed motion of the paper tape. The machine can combine the new paper rolls with the old ones when the diameters of the paper rolls are the same. And it will cut the old paper roll and put the new paper roll to print.

Because the machine can work without stopping, it can provide the paper rolls for the printing machine, there is no needs to set a Paper storage mechanism.

Advantages of Paper Splicer

  • Especially in the process of changing paper, improving the success rate of paper splicing, and ensuring smooth production without stopping;
  • Zero splicing, reducing unnecessary waste of base paper;
  • Realize automatic detection of paper breakage, no waste when the core is exhausted;
  • The tension is automatically adjusted to reduce paper breaks caused by human error;
  • After configuring the paper splicer, the scrap rate can be reduced by 60% to 80%.
Corrugation Paper Production Line Transformation | Automatic Raw Paper Splicer Machine
Corrugation Paper Production Line Transformation | YG® Automatic Raw Paper Splicer Machine

Pay attention to the application of zero waste cutting technology

When you choose the paper cutting machine, you need to pay attention to the waste paper. Zero waste cutting technology means that there is no waste paper during the paper converting.

You have two choices: one is expensive, another is more economic. Here we show the cost-effective method: Two slitting machines plus one cross cutting machine. It can reduce the waste paper loss rate by 2% to 3%.

The PLC cross-cutting machine consists of two parts: a computerized digital control system and a mechanical cutting mechanism. Low use and maintenance cost. The straight knife used in it has a large thickness, a long service life, and a low price. Computer-controlled spiral knife cross-cutting machine is a relatively new technology at present. Its design adopts the design of low moment of inertia knife shaft. The knife shaft is small, the control is relatively easy, and the power is small, which can meet the requirements of high-speed production.

For patterned corrugated cardboard, it is necessary not only to carry out cross-cutting with the mark but also to control the left and right positions. Otherwise, the position from the pattern to the front edge of the cardboard may change during longitudinal cutting and edge splitting, which will easily cause waste products. Therefore, it is necessary to install LPC photoelectric correction device. Adding LPC to the upper left of the facial paper holder can eliminate the left and right axial errors caused by the printed facial paper when unwinding and unwinding, and correct the deviation with the line through the LPC to ensure the smooth feeding of the facial paper according to the line.

Where to buy automatic die cutting machine ?

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Selection of corrugated automatic switch

The corrugated type automatic switcher is used when changing from 3 layers to5 layers. If the average change is more than 20 times per shift, it is recommended to configure an automatic corrugated switch. In order to avoid stopping to clean the hot plate as much as possible, the production of corrugated cardboard generally arranges orders from wide to narrow according to the width of the cardboard. Due to the variety of materials, it will cause Multiple flute switching in the same width (that is, switching between three-layer cardboard and five-layer cardboard). However, some factories still use manual switching, that is, cutting or threading after reducing the speed of the vehicle. Through system control, instead of manual operation, it improves efficiency and reduces loss.

Advantages of the corrugated automatic switcher

  • Precise paper feeding, and manual paper feeding will result in waste of 8-15 meters of raw paper, and only 3-6 meters of waste will be lost after configuring the flute-type automatic switcher;
  • Rapid alignment to reduce unnecessary waste caused by misalignment;
  • Compared with manual operation, the operation is safe and eliminates potential safety hazards.

Production Management – Informatization and systematization of carton factory management

The on-site production management is equivalent to our satellite navigation. The entire assembly line is coordinated and operated by several people at the same time. And the on-site production management controls the coordination between each machine. Among them, on-site production management is connected with ERP to analyze your production results. Including loss, production capacity, output, parking speed, etc., to avoid fraud and truly reflect the production situation. The remote control of ordering and leaflets is relatively fast. And the integration of order, production, and distribution is convenient for management.

The application of on-site production management makes the management of the carton factory informalized and systematized. It is convenient for enterprise leaders to grasp the production situation of the enterprise in a timely and accurate manner and can open the computer at any time to find information and data reports, without going to various departments to ask for information and data.

Advantages of on-site production management

  • Accurately detect the accumulation amount of the overpass to improve the accuracy of paper replacement;
  • Automatic connection with the splicing machine to reduce loss;
  • Coordinate the operation of each machine in the production line;
  • Connect with ERP, and remotely control the arrangement of leaflets.

At the end

if you want to do the corrugated paper production line transformation, you can first start with these things. Are you looking for a corrugated cardboard production line? At YG Paper Machinery®, we provide what you are looking for with high quality. All you need is to call us and we will tell you everything, including the price of the corrugated paper machine.

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