Honeycomb packing paper

As the name suggests, honeycomb is a hive built by bees. It is composed of several hexagons. This structure is not only high in strength, but also exquisite and material-saving. When packaging with honeycomb paper, while reducing the use of materials, it can also provide reliable buffer protection for the wrapped items, so that the items are not damaged during transportation and reduce costs. Today, we will talk about the honeycomb packing paper.

Honeycomb packing paper

How is made honeycomb packing paper?

Honeycomb paper is made based on the principle of honeycomb structure in nature. It uses glue bonding to connect corrugated paper into countless hollow three-dimensional regular hexagons to form an integral stress-bearing part – the paper core, and bond the surfaces on both sides. A new type of environmentally friendly and energy-saving material with a sandwich structure made of paper.

Characteristics of honeycomb paper

1. Light weight, less materials and low cost

Compared with various other plate structures, the honeycomb sandwich structure has the largest strength/mass ratio, so its finished products have a good performance/price ratio, which is the key to the success of honeycomb paper.

2. High strength, smooth surface, not easy to deform

The honeycomb sandwich structure is approximately isotropic, has good structural stability, and is not easily deformed. Its outstanding compression resistance and bending resistance are the most important characteristics required for box packaging materials.

3. Good impact resistance and cushioning:

Honeycomb packing paper is made of flexible paper core and tissue. It has good toughness and resilience. The unique honeycomb sandwich structure provides excellent cushioning performance and has a higher energy absorption value per unit volume among all cushioning materials. , high-thickness honeycomb paper can replace the EPS plastic foam cushion that is widely used today.

4. Sound absorption and heat insulation:

The interior of the honeycomb sandwich structure is a closed chamber filled with air, so it has good sound insulation and thermal insulation properties.

5. No pollution, in line with modern environmental protection trends:

Honeycomb paper is entirely made of recyclable paper materials and can be 100% recycled and reused. Waste products and leftover materials from the corrugated box production process can also be die-cut and bonded to make honeycomb corrugated sheets of various shapes. Cardboard buffer lining can be degraded and absorbed by nature even if it is discarded. It is a good green and environmentally friendly packaging material.

Advantages of honeycomb paper:

1. Low material consumption, high specific strength and specific stiffness, and light weight:

Bees use the least amount of materials to build the largest and strongest hive. According to scientific research, the geometric structure of the honeycomb forms an overall structure like an arch bridge, thereby increasing the compressive strength of the surface by 100 times. The honeycomb cardboard adopts a honeycomb structure, so it also obtains the maximum volume and volume with the least material consumption. Maximum strength and stiffness.

2. Excellent buffering and vibration isolation function:

Honeycomb paperboard has a core structure and has excellent buffering and vibration isolation functions, which is close to EPS.

3. Good heat insulation and sound insulation performance:

The honeycomb holes of the honeycomb core have a closed structure, which is filled with air and does not circulate with each other, so it has good heat insulation and sound insulation properties.

4. Strength and stiffness are easy to adjust:

By changing the thickness and weight of the core paper or changing the pore diameter and core column height of the honeycomb core, the honeycomb paperboard can obtain different strengths and stiffnesses.

5. Special processing can be carried out to obtain unique functions:

Honeycomb cardboard is an all-paper material that is easy to undergo special processing to obtain special properties such as waterproofing, flame retardancy, mildew resistance, and curing enhancement. This is one of the reasons why honeycomb cardboard can be widely used.

6. Export does not require fumigation and quarantine:

Since honeycomb cardboard has been dried by infrared rays or microwaves during the production process, it is equivalent to disinfection and sterilization. Therefore, export does not require fumigation and is exempt from quarantine. This can replace wood to a certain extent and be used for the packaging of export products.

7. Environmentally friendly products:

Honeycomb cardboard is pollution-free during the production process, can be recycled, and is easy to dispose of, so it can replace EPS as a cushioning material.

Disadvantages of honeycomb paper:

  1. The burst resistance, folding resistance and puncture resistance are poor, which limits its application in some aspects.
  2. The processing performance is poor and it cannot be easily made into box-shaped packaging containers like corrugated cardboard. Even if it can be made, the degree of automation during production is low.
  3. When printing at the same time, the printing suitability is poor and cannot meet the needs of modern decoration, which also limits its application in packaging.

Application scope of honeycomb paper

Honeycomb paper has a wide range of applications. Currently, there are nine main application areas, namely: inner packaging, outer packaging, paper pallets, honeycomb furniture, honeycomb lightweight walls, automotive industry, health centers, missile military industry, advertising display racks, etc. wait.

Things to note when purchasing honeycomb paper

  1. Look at the manufacturer’s production capacity:

The manufacturer’s production capacity determines its delivery speed and the manufacturer’s strength. In general family workshops, the quality is very unstable, sometimes good and sometimes bad, and there is no guarantee of product qualification rate. Therefore, the manufacturer’s production capacity and strength are crucial.

  1. Look at the actual products produced:

Be sure to look at the expansion of the honeycomb paper core. Some adhesives are used unevenly, do not stretch well, and have different pore sizes, all of which affect the use of the honeycomb packing paper core. You must carefully look at which type of paper it belongs to. It is worth mentioning. Yes, I found that many paper cores look very beautiful, but are broken when scratched. In this way, the reuse rate of a honeycomb paper core is often almost 0.

  1. Look at the product price:

Price is a reflection of value. As the saying goes: cheap goods are not good. Although this statement is somewhat absolute, it is not unreasonable. Generally, from materials to labor to transportation, it is impossible to make anything lower than 0,7usd/kg, so Believe in your own eyes and don’t be greedy for petty gains while saving costs.