Egg tray manufacturing machine for sale in Mozambique

A local egg producer in Mozambique wanted to produce egg trays for the local market. So they requested a quote with YG Paper Machinery. According to their requirements, our sales manager recommends a 4×8 egg tray manufacturing machine production line. After comparing with 3 other suppliers, this company finally chose to cooperate with YG Paper Machinery. Because we have a professional services team, rich experience, a good reputation in the industry and our machines are known for high quality and reliability.

Shipping site

4×8 egg tray production line shipped to Mozambique in 2023. The machine has a production capacity of 4,000-5,000 pieces per hour and is designed to dry the trays with a brick drying system.

egg tray manufacturing machine for sale

Egg Tray Machine – Working on site

The egg tray machine has been a success in Mozambique. It has helped the local egg producer to increase their production capacity and reduce their production costs. The machine has also created jobs in the local area.

Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine for Sale

The egg tray machine is an environmentally friendly equipment. It is mainly used for making egg boxes and paper eggs. The pulp egg tray machine is controlled by PLC, has a high degree of automation, and is easy to learn and maintain. The machine has a wide range of applications. It can produce egg cartons, egg boxes, egg trays, bottle trays, agricultural train seeding cups, and industrial production packaging.

We have 4X4 egg tray production line, 4X8 egg tray production line, and 5X12 egg tray production line. The 5X12 egg tray production line can produce 6000-7000 pieces per hour.

The structure of the fully automatic egg tray production line is as follows.

1:Egg tray machine host

2: Brick dryer system or multi-layer metal dryer system

3: Packing machine

4: Collection machine

5: Vacuum pump, air compressor

6: Negative pressure tank, gas storage tank,

7: Clean water pump, cleaning machine

8: Burner and various accessories.

Choose the model suitable

12 Side Egg Tray Machine

Model: DT5*12

Capacity: 6000-7000p/h

Power: 4 kW

8 Side Egg Crate Equipment

Model: DT4*8

Capacity: 3500-4500p/h

Power: 4 kW

4 Side Egg tray moulding machine

Model: DT3*4

Capacity: 1800-2300p/h

Power: 3 kW

Small egg carton making machine

Model: DT3*1

Capacity: 1000p/h

Power: 2.2 kW

Raw Materials

The raw materials for paper trays and egg trays are waste book paper, waste newspapers, waste cartons, various types of waste paper, waste paper scraps from printing and packaging plants, and paper mill tail pulp waste.

Working Principle

In the pulper, shredded paper and water are added and transported to the pulp storage tank. Use a mixer to stir the pulp in the pulp storage tank evenly and transport it to the pulp supply tank. The pulp in the pulp supply tank is stirred to a certain concentration and transported to the forming machine. The forming machine produces the egg trays to the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt passes through the drying hole to dry the egg trays, and finally collects and packages them. In addition, the unused water in the molding machine can be pumped to the return pool through a vacuum pump, and the return pool can transport water to the pulper and storage tank so that the water can be recycled.

egg tray production line

Labor requirements

The egg tray equipment model requires 5-6 operators: 1 person in the beating area, 1 person in the forming area, and 3-4 people in the packaging area.

Drying System

  1. Natural drying uses sunlight and a natural breeze to dry products naturally.
  2. Traditional brick drying system
  3. Multi-layer metal drying thermal energy options: coal, natural gas LNG, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas LPG, thermal oil, steam, and other thermal energy

How many paper egg trays can I produce from one ton of pulp?

1 ton = 1000 kilograms = 1,000,000 grams

Approximate weight of each egg tray is 80 grams.

1000000/80=12500 pieces

Of course, this is just a theoretical value. The specific amount depends on the amount of impurities in the paper (such as plastic film, glue, etc.)…

In the end

The egg tray machine is a modern mechatronics packaging machine. The emergence of the egg tray machine has fundamentally changed the situation of low labor efficiency and low work quality. The use of the egg tray machine not only increases the production output of the enterprise but also improves the efficiency of the work. Greatly reduce investment costs and help companies save a lot of money!