Tissue napkins are widely used in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, homes, beauty salons, and other places. A paper towel napkin making business is a very profitable small-scale business that will yield high returns with low investment. Are you looking for this kind of paper napkin machine? Read here the guide and leave us your messages to request a free quote.

YG High Speed Paper Napkin Machine

The high-speed napkin paper machine is used to process the raw paper discs into square napkins through embossing, folding, electronic counting, and cutting. Automatic embossing and folding during the production process without manual folding. The pattern of napkins can be customized according to customer requirements.

Technical Parameters

Machine ModelYG-1
Finished Size190*190-460*460
Paper Size≤φ1200mm
Dimensions folded shape100*100-230*230(adjustable)
The Original Core inner dia7500mm Standard(Other size are available)
Embossing Roller endCots, wool roll
Counting SystemElectronic Counting
Speed0-800 sheets/minute
Optional items (need to order)Automatic paper feeding, synchronous conveying, color printing, fork pulling function


  1. Automatic counting, sorting by digits, convenient for packaging.
  2. The production speed is fast, the noise is low, and it is suitable for family production.
  3. Various models of products with different specifications can be manufactured according to user requirements.
  4. It can increase the function of synchronous conveying and automatic stop when the paper breaks, with high safety and fast production speed (need to be customized).
  5. According to requirements, the machine can be equipped with a single-color or two-color printing unit.
paper napkin making machine
paper napkin making machine

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Production Process

Jumbo rolls — Embossing, Folding, Slitting by Napkin Machine — Folded napkins — Manual bagging — Sealing machine — Finished napkins

napkin making machine price
napkin making machine price

Our services

  1. 1-year maintenance service. Any damaged spare parts can be replaced directly by our company (Excluding fragile goods).
  2. We will continue to help you solve technical problems.
  3. We will provide consumables together with the machine.
  4. We provide DVDs for machine operation and installation, DVDs and all manuals are shipped together with the machine.

About Us

Henan yugong machinery co., ltd.

Henan Yugong Machinery co., ltd. is a top and professional napkin paper machine manufacturer from China. We have more than 17 years’ experience in machine manufacturing. Our machines have been exported to many countries, for example, Indonesia, Mexico, Mongolia, Guatemala, the Philippines, Turkmenistan, etc. Besides the napkin paper production machine, YG Machinery offers also tissue paper making machine, toilet paper roll making machine, paper making machine, etc.
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