Napkin machine exported to Libya

Magnus from Libya wanted to start a napkin paper business in his local. So he searched paper napkin machine. Magnus consulted with many manufacturers. Among the offers from these manufacturers, Magnus chose YG Paper Machinery.

napkin paper machine price
napkin paper machine price

Paper Napkin Folding Machine for Sale

Product introduction: A napkin paper machine is a machine used for restaurant paper. The main thing is to emboss, fold, and cut the cut paper into square or long paper napkins. The whole process is completed by a napkin machine.

Product use: Cut and fold the dish paper to make it a rectangular and square napkin that is common in daily life.

Manpower required: one person can complete the entire operation

Required space: The equipment covers an area of about 20 square meters, and the storage place for raw materials and finished paper is at least about 70 to 80 square meters.

Materials used: paper roll.

Napkin Paper Making Machine Parameters

Machine ModelYG-220
Unfolded Size220mm*220mm
Folded Size110mm*110mm
Printing Unit1-2 colors as per requirement
Embossing UnitFull or border pattern as per requirement
Raw Paper Size1200mm
Raw Paper Core Inner Diameter80mm(other sizes are available)
Interfolding style1/4 fold 1/6 fold 1/8 fold
Installed Power4.2 KW (380V 50Hz)
Air Pressure RequiredProvide by buyer
TransmissionTiming belts
Controlling SystemFrequency Drive
Machine Weight1000kg
Space Required3.2-4.2X1X1.8m

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  1. Convenient packaging: Automatic counting, whole column, easy to pack.
  1. Uniform size: The positioning of the folding device is reliable, and the forming size is uniform
  1. Adapt to requirements: Models with various specifications can be manufactured according to customer requirements
  1. Save time and effort: Embossed on steel against a wool roll, the pattern is clearly defined. (Steel-to-steel embossing rollers can be prepared according to user requirements, graphics can also be designed according to the buyer, and words or factory logos can be added)

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