5 Tips for a Papermaking machine

Paper is usual in our daily life. So many people want to start a paper manufacturing business. But you may not be very familiar with the papermaking equipment. Here, I summarize 5 common questions and their responses to the paper-making machine. Read this guide about 5 tips for papermaking machine.

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What raw materials can be used to produce paper?

Papermaking raw materials are divided into two categories: plant fibers and non-plant fibers (inorganic fibers, chemical fibers, metal fibers). The international papermaking raw materials are mainly plant fibers.

Plant fiber raw materials used can be divided into six categories:

  1. Coniferous wood, such as larch, Korean pine, masson pine, Yunnan pine, sycamore pine, etc.;
  2. Hardwood wood, such as poplar, birch, eucalyptus, etc.;
  3. Grass plants: such as reeds, bamboos, awn stalks, wheat straw, straw, sorghum grass, sorghum stalks, bagasse, etc.;
  4. Fourth, bast fibers, such as flax, jute, kenaf, sandalwood bark, mulberry bark, cotton stalk bark, etc.;
  5. Kinds of wool fibers, such as cotton, cotton linters, cotton rags;
  6. Waste paper fibers (unprinted white paper and broken paper picked from factories or related units, printed waste books and newspapers, all waste paper other than the above two, old cardboard, broken cardboard boxes) and so on.

Paper sludge

The sludge produced by industrial production is no longer industrial waste, but has become a good raw material for papermaking.

These sludges have become a new raw material for making cardboard. After testing, the effect is very good, not only the paper quality has been improved, but also the production cost and environmental pollution have been reduced.


Banana is a fruit we eat often. Maybe, you will think, how it can be as the raw materials of paper making?

In June 2010, an agricultural company in Xishuangbanna has successfully made the fiber pulp with the banana stalks. It adopts the method of no cooking, no boiler installation and the use of caustic soda additives to make fiber pulp boards from banana stalks, stalks and leaves. This methode has the advantages of reducing costs, low energy and low consumption.

How many types of machines you need?

To start a papermaking factory, you need Paper machine, pulp preparation equipment, broke equipment, pulp pump, water pump, workshop, pulp pool, etc.

The basic equipment is transformers, steam pipes or boilers, water intake equipment (groundwater or surface water such as rivers), sewage treatment equipment, and so on.

If you want to start a large factory, it requires a lot of equipment from pulping to paper output. For example, pulping machinery and the entire papermaking machinery, including the wire stacking section, the pressing section, the drying section, the reeling machine, the rewinding machine, and some need a sizing machine, etc.

Besides the machine to make paper, you need also sewage treatment facilities and various accessories and facilities

Finally, the supply of wood chips raw materials. Usually many people who want to open a pulp mill have a lot of wood chips that can be used.

Paper making process

You can check the process with the picture below.

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How to reduce the production and maintenance costs of papermaking?

Reducing the maintenance cost of papermaking equipment is what our manufacturers should strive to achieve. It can improve the production efficiency of papermaking manufacturers, and increase profits. Now, the competition in the paper machine market is so fierce. How to reduce costs and increase profits is a problem that everyone is very concerned about. Here are some tips for reducing the production cost of paper making machine.

For small paper machine

The operation of a small paper machine is not complicated, so we operate it according to the standard, which can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the paper machine.

For high productivity paper machine

The felts of the paper machine equipment should pay attention to the replacement cycle. In order to improve the use efficiency of the equipment, these tasks must be done to the greatest extent possible. The felts are relatively easy to wear and fail. If the service life expires, you should replace it in time, otherwise, it will not work properly.

Replace and repair parts in time when the wear is found, and the paper machine equipment needs to be maintained in time during the production process. For the operator, the paper machine equipment must be installed and debugged by professional technicians before it can be used. To ensure the continuity of the material, do not feed the material intermittently, and carry out the production operation according to the instructions of the paper machine manufacturer.

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How often should a paper machine production line be cleaned?

Any flocculation in the wet end will cause paper diseases such as holes or broken fingers in the parts that do not pass through, so it is very important to reduce or clean up the hanging pulp in time. It is clear that the production line of the paper machine should be kept clean and cleaned regularly.

The beating process of the paper machine production line is very important. The beating machine is the main equipment involved in the beating process. Why is beating important? This is mainly because the technological process of beating by the beater determines the main quality and quality of the paper.

The beater equipment pays more attention to the production quality. No pollutants are allowed to appear in the equipment of the slurry system, the auxiliary material system and the inner wall of the pipeline, the frame of the wet end, the stick net blanket, and other components. Especially those that affect the production quality. Impurities are not allowed.

So you must take it seriously that the paper machine production line needs daily cleaning operations!

In Conclusion

Here are the Tips for papermaking machine. We just list the 5 common questions. If you have other questions or concerns about the paper machine, just leave your messages below. If you are looking for a paper manufacturing machine, please contact us. We are always here to helpļ¼

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