Paper cup forming machine for sale in Saudi Arabia

Tamer, from Saudi Arabia, has already plastic cup forming machines and a stable sales link. But with environmental requirements, people prefer to buy the paper cups than plastic disposable cups. So he decides to buy paper cup forming machine. And he find YG Paper Machinery and ordered 4 sets YG Paper Cup Machine, 1 set paper cup printer, and 1 set paper cup punching cutting machin with us.

Paper Cup Forming Machine | Working Case

Customer Name: Tamer Mosallam

Country/Region: Saudi Arabia

Machine Model: YG-SMD90 4 sets with cup holder (automatic counting) and automatic paper feeding. YG-4 Paper cup printng machine I set, YG-2 punching cutting machine 1 set.

paper cup forming machine factory

Why Choose YG Paper Machinery?

We are a machine manufacturer with 17 + years of experience. ISO Certification. Factory Price. High quality. Best after-services. Efficient, Automatic. Welcome to visit our factory.

YG-SMD90 Paper Cup Machine For Sale

This paper cup machine is suitable for producing 2.5-16 oz cold/hot paper cups. Check the parameters below.

NameFully automatic paper cup making machine
Paper Cup Size2.5-16OZ
Raw MaterialOne-side or two-side PE coated paper(Singe PE or Double PE coated paper)
Speed75-85 pcs/min
Suitable paper weight160-300g/㎡;±20g/㎡
Voltage    supply380V(220V)  50HZ
Cup    sizebottom35-70mm,top45-90mm high32-135mm
Working    Air Source0.4-0.6Mpa;    0.4m³/min
General power6kw
Net weight2000kg
Measurement (mm)Machine dimension (L:2100mm;W:1200mm;H:1800mm)
CupholderCupholder (L:900mm;W:600mm;H:1500mm)
Cup Side SealingEVERGREEN Ultrasonic
Bottom    KnurlingHot air system
Note: The mold can be customized according to customer requirements

Paper Cup Machine Advantages

The paper cups produced by the paper cup machine retain the advantages of paper products, such as moisture-proof, fresh-keeping, temperature sensing, visibility, sterilization, anti-corrosion, etc.

The paper cups have a perfect performance. Compared with disposable plastic cups, the paper materials used in paper cups have good performance in processing performance, printing performance, and hygiene performance.

Moreover, the sources of paper materials are wide, which can be mass-produced, and the varieties are also varied. Compared with the non-reproducible characteristics of disposable plastic cups, paper cups are low in cost, light in weight, easy to transport and easy to recycle, so paper cup machines are welcomed by more and more manufacturers.

While paper cups are popular with consumers, they are also regarded as golden things for wealth and business opportunities by businesses. Many manufacturers have abandoned the original plastic cup equipment and replaced it with paper cup machine equipment.

FAQs about the paper cup business

How do I start a paper cup business?

1. Analyze your market. You want to sell in your local or all the world.
2. Prepare the project report or business plan.
3. Arrange Finance. The Staff Salary, the machine cost, the raw materials, you need to calculate the cost then arrange your finance.
4. Secure a Location.
5. Business Registration & Licensing.
6. Paper Cup Manufacturing Machine & Cost. Contact us to get a free quote.
7. Arrange Paper Cup Making Raw Materials. Printed PE Paper, Bottom Reel, Packing Material, all theses you need to prepare before the manufcturing.
8. Paper Cup Manufacturing Process.
9. Sell Online.

Is paper cup business profitable?

The annual consumption of coffee paper cups in the UK is as high as 3 billion. This is just the data in the UK. You can think abot the global consumption. Paper cups are in huge demand. And in India, the net profit ratio in paper cup business is usually about 14% and the rate of return on total investment by 39%. So, early investment early return.

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