Coffee cup making machine for sale in Israel

I have interest of paper glass making machine. Speed 65-75 PCS/min, and paper material 150-210GSM single PE paper, and 16-22oz; and need also with the paper. If possible to talk about it. Best regard.

Mr. Sbaih

On March 20, we got an inquiry for a coffee cup machine from Mr.Sbaih. He is interested in starting a paper cup manufacturing factory, According to his requirements, YG Machinery recommended our YG-SMD90. After checking the working video and visiting the factory online, Mr.Sbaih ordered 7 paper cup machines from YG Paper Machinery.

paper glass making machine for sale from YG Machinery

Parameters of Paper Glass Making Machine

Cup size6oz-22oz
Raw materialSingle and double PE coating paper
Paper thickness160-300gsm
Top mouth diameter60mm-90mm
Bottom diameter40mm-70mm
Bottom depth5mm-10mm
Capacity60-90 cups per minute
Main motor power1.5kw
Total power16kw
Energy consumption7-7.5 kW/ hour
Air consumption0.4m3/min, 0.5-0.8Mpa
High Speed Paper cup machine

What is the price of the Paper Cup Machine?

The price of the paper cup machine varies according to the production capacity. If you want to get the price, please leave your requirements, and our sales manager will contact you.

What caused the rim to crack and the bottom to leak?

To keep the machine in a good performance, the machine parts must be well lubricated and maintained. The temperature control of the heater should be carefully set according to the product size and material characteristics. If the temperature is too high, it will cause the rim to break and the bottom to leak.

The bottom knurling device is the most problematic part of the paper cup machine. This device is one of the important parts and if the knurling pressure is over-adjusted, it will wear out and its service life will be shortened. For machines that use ultrasonic welding for side seams, attention must be paid to the operating frequency. Attention also needs to be paid to the contact surface, which must be evenly contacted with proper pressure.

For the manual lubrication parts of the machine, an appropriate lubrication schedule should be established; the lubrication system must be refueled regularly, and oil changed, and cleaned regularly.


1. Can the paper cup making machine be customized?

Your suggestions for better improvements are much appreciated. Almost all of our products can be customized, including size, color, logo, packaging, and so on.

2. What is your payment method for the paper cup forming machine?

TT, Western Union, Credit Card, Alibaba Trade Assurance, etc.

3. Can we be your sole distributor of paper cup machines?

We look forward to your close cooperation. After you order your first machine and are able to provide after-sales service, we can start discussing the distribution relationship. Thanks.

4. How about the warranty on the paper glass machine?

Our machines are guaranteed for one year. During the warranty period, we will send parts for a replacement for free, while damaged parts should be returned.

5. What should I do if there are spare parts that need to be replaced?

We provide all spare parts for our printers. If any parts are broken, we will repair them or send you new parts after the user sends them back the broken parts. We recommend customers order some spare parts kits for long time maintenance and quick replacement.

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