Corrugated slitter scorer machine: A easy way to make corrugated box

Do I need a Corrugated Cardboard Slotting Machine or a Die-cutting Machine for corrugated boxes? Which machine is more suitable for my business?

You are considering opening a corrugated packing boxes manufacturing factory in Romania, and you want to buy a new corrugated slitter scorer machine. If you are in this situation, read this blog and get the corrugated box die cutting machine price.

Cardboard Slotting Machine Printer Slotter Machine

V grooving machine for cardboard is a piece of equipment used in the packaging industry to create the slots and creases in cardboard blanks that will eventually be folded into boxes.

  • Feeder, which stacks the cardboard blanks.
  • Scoring unit, which creates the creases in the cardboard.
  • Slotting unit, which creates the slots in the cardboard.
  • Delivery unit, which stacks the finished boxes.

YG Flexo Printer Slotter Machine Parameters

Maximum paper feed900*2200mm1200*2400mm1400*2700mm1600*2800mm1800*2800mm
Effective printing900*2200mm1200*2400mm1400*2700mm1600*2800mm1800*2800mm
Feed every other sheet1100*2200mm1500*2400mm1700*2700mm2000*2800mm2200*2800mm
top speed200pcs/min150pcs/min150pcs/min120pcs/min90pcs/min
Color registration accuracy±0.5mm±0.5mm±0.5mm±0.5mm±0.5mm
Standard plate thickness7.2mm7.2mm7.2mm7.2mm7.2mm
Cardboard thickness1.5–9mm1.5–11mm1.5–11mm1.5–11mm1.5–11mm
Minimum slot clearanceNormal die 150*150mmNormal die 150*150mmNormal die 150*150mmNormal die 150*150mmNormal die 150*150mm
Reverse die 250*80mmReverse die 260*80mmReverse die 260*80mmReverse die 270*80mmReverse die 280*80mm
Maximum groove depth230mm320mm380mm400mm450mm
Minimum passing paper250*430mm320*430mm380*430mm420*430mm450*600mm

Slitter scorer machine VS Die cutting machine

The grooving effect directly affects the forming of the carton. Let me introduce to you the difference between die cutting and grooving.

  • Color boxes generally have an irregular shape after unfolding, which is what we often call special-shaped boxes. They can only be directly stamped and formed with a ready-made die, so a die-cutting machine is needed to complete this process.
  • Ordinary cartons are very regular and square when unfolded. The excess space between the upper and lower lids of the cardboard is directly cut off by a slotting machine, and finally folded to become a three-dimensional carton.

Difference between corrugated die cutting machine and slitter scorer

The difference between the two machines is that die-cutting requires a corresponding fixed die, generally one die for each product; while the slotting machine is basically universal, and the slotting machine has a lower cost than the die-cutting machine. But what the die-cutting machine does the cardboard slotting machine of the die-cutting machine cannot be used, but the movable die-cutting machine of the slotting machine can be used. Each has its own advantages. The final choice depends on your product.