A4 Paper Cutting and Packing Machine for sale in Colombia

In this blog, I will introduce a working case of the A4 Reams Paper production line, including cutting—ream wrapping—box packing. Contact us if you want to buy the A4 Paper Cutting and Packing Machine.

Working case

Abimael from Colombia, notes the Unique Selling Points and Advantages of this A4 copy paper machine. So he bought the machine. Abimael opened a factory in Medellin, and he is very optimistic about the business opportunities in the Colombian market. He plans to open a new factory in Cali to produce ream paper. So he contacted us to discuss buying a foil roll cross-cutting machine and a packing machine.

Fully Automatic A4 Copy Paper Production Line

This A4 Paper cutting and Packing Machine is suitable for cutting paper of different sizes, such as hamburger paper, A4 paper, glass sandpaper, plastic film (PVC, OPP, PET, CPP), aluminum foil paper, etc.

A4 Paper cutting and Packing Machine Parameters

Max working width1100-2000mm
Raw material diameter800mm
Rewinding diameter600mm
Cutting precision±0.5mm
Slitting speed0-350m/min

If you also want to engage in A4 paper, hamburger paper, sandwich wrapping paper, hot dog wrapping paper, etc, please call us to consult YG double-layer paper roll cross-cutting machine, or consult on our website, and we will reply to you on time.

In order to let you know more about our YG Paper Machinery Co., Ltd., you can watch the video below for reference.

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