Paper bag making machine for sale in the UAE

Muhammed has a food packaging company in Dubai. He invested a square bottom paper bag making machine this year. With adjustable bag sizes and user-friendly operation, this paper bag making machine for sale is an ideal investment for businesses in the packaging industry. 

semi automatic square bottom paper bag machine

YG Paper Bag Making Machine for Sale

  • Machine Type: Fully automatic paper bag making machine
  • Production Capacity: Up to 200 bags per minute
  • Bag Types: Flat bottom, square bottom, and various other bag types
  • Bag Sizes: Customizable, ranging from small to large sizes
  • Paper Types: Suitable for various types of paper, including kraft paper and laminated paper
  • Power Consumption: Energy-efficient operation
  • Control System: PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) for precise control and ease of use
  • Operator Requirements: Minimal training required for operation

Features and Benefits of paper bag machine

  1. The fully automatic operation of the machine ensures rapid bag production, allowing businesses to meet large-scale demands with ease.
  2. This paper bag making machine for sale can produce various bag types, including flat bottom, square bottom, and custom-designed bags, enabling businesses to cater to diverse packaging requirements.
  3. The machine offers flexibility in producing bags of various sizes, accommodating specific customer preferences and market trends.
  4. With advanced technology and precise control, the machine ensures superior bag quality, including excellent strength, durability, and neat finishing.
  5. Equipped with a PLC control system, the machine provides intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface, minimizing the learning curve for operators and facilitating efficient production.
  6. The machine incorporates energy-saving features, optimizing power consumption and reducing operational costs for businesses.

Supplier Information:

For more information and to purchase the machine, please contact YG Paper Machinery using the provided contact details.