A4 Paper Cutting Packing Machine for sale in Kazakhstan

A customer from Kazakhastan wants to expand his A4 paper factory. So he tries to buy a new A4 paper cutting packing machine with 4 rolls for his factory. Among many A4 paper machine suppliers, he chose YG Paper Machinery. He is very happy with the A4 paper cutting machine and would recommend it to other businesses.

YGA-1100 A4 Paper Cutting Machine for sale

Actually, the A4 paper cutting packing machine is composed of A4 Paper Cutting Machine and A4 Paper Packing Machine. It is also named Ream paper making machine. Check below the machine detail.

This machine is suitable for cutting types of paper such as A4 paper, A3 paper, etc.

Technical Parameters

Max.Diameter of Unwindingφ1400mm
Max. Cutting Width1100mm
Cutting LengthA4/A3(297*210mm,297*420mm)
Cutting Speed50-200times/min
Paper GSM60-120g
Cutting Precision±0.2mm
Ream Height(mm)500pcs
Total Power12kw
Machine Weight4500kg
Compressed air(Mpa)0.6-0.8 (Customer’s own responsibility)
Main power source380V/50HZ,3phase 4 wires
Machine Size(L*W*H)7500×3200×1800(mm)
A4 paper cutting machine for sale price

A4 Paper Packing Machine for Sale

This machine integrates light, electricity, gas, machine, computer control, etc., with reasonable structure, advanced technology, convenient operation, labor saving, and high efficiency. This machine is mainly suitable for A4 paper (210mmx297mm) packaging. If you need to pack other sizes of paper, such as A5, B3, B4, B5, etc. please contact us and we will customize the machine for you.

A4 paper packing machine

Technical Parameters

Check the technical parameters:

Paper WidthMax 55mm; Min 45mm
Ream packing highno speed variations, no breaks, cut all the paper at one time, and qualified packing paper.
Packing sheet size550*375mm(70gsm)
Packing sheets weight70-100g/m2
Packing sheets gradehigh-grade copy paper, high-grade office paper, high-grade offset paper etc.
Design speedMax 10 reams/min
Operation SpeedMax 8 reams/min
Packing conditionhigh-grade copy paper, high-grade office paper, high-grade offset paper, etc.
DrivingAC Servo Precision Control
Main power supply3*380V /50HZ (or as required)
Voltage220V AC /24V DC (or as required)
Compressing air consumption300NL/min
Air compressor6-8bar
Weight2.1 Ton

Check here a working case: A4 sheet cutting machine in kyrgyzstan.

Packing Machine Features

  1. This packing machine adopts a multi-functional digit-display step-less speed regulation and PLC control.
  2. Equipped with a touch screen, realizing the man-machine interface.
  3. Automatic feeding wrapping paper.
  4. Common color printing paper, top-grade color printing paper, and film laminated paper can be used as outer overwrapping paper.
  5. Reasonable structure, high efficiency, ease to operation, and increase sealing capacity.

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