How to select paper slitting machine?

Nowadays, you will find many types of paper slitting machine on the market. Such as manual type, PLC control type, etc. So, how to choose a paper slitting machine?

Automatic Thermal Paper Slitting Machine
paper roll slitting machine

When you are purchasing a paper cuting machine, you should consider the facts below:

1️⃣Performance of the machine

The performance of the paper slitting machine is mainly manifested in the cutting accuracy of the paper cutter, precision retention, quality stability, ease of operation, safety, etc. The paper cutter is different from other machines. They belong to the fourth-level dangerous machine tools in the dangerous series. When choosing paper cutter machine, their reliability must be considered.

For example, YG Paper Slitting Machine adopts an integral floor-standing gantry main body, a dual hydraulic power system for paper pressing and cutting, uses imported main motor and hydraulic valve parts, and has an infrared grating in front of the knife protection.

2️⃣Mechanical structure

You should choose a double guide rail paper cutter or a dovetail groove paper cutter according to the actual situation of the products you want to process.

3️⃣Work efficiency and cutting accuracy

The working efficiency and cutting accuracy of the paper cutter are one aspects that printing companies consider more when purchasing a paper cutter. In this regard, the computer program-controlled paper cutter is much better than the ordinary paper cutter. The paper pusher of an ordinary paper cutter is controlled by buttons and handwheel fine-tuning during forward and backward operations. And the labor intensity of the operator is relatively high and the work efficiency is low. The computer program-controlled paper cutter optimizes the cutting process through programming, and improves work efficiency.

4️⃣Energy Consumption Comparison

Paper cutters of the same type should also be compared in terms of the power used by the whole machine. The size of the motor power is not only related to power consumption. YG Paper Cutting Machine has the precision fit in the process of machine manufacturing and assembly. The service quality from pre-sales, during sales to after-sales, is a concrete manifestation of the comprehensive capabilities of paper cutter manufacturers.

How to prolong the service life of the paper cutter?

In order to keep the blade sharp and prolong the service life of the paper cutter, the thickness of the paper cut at one time should not exceed 40mm, and the pressure of the paper cutter on the paper should also be appropriate. Generally, softer paper requires more pressure. Please note that Harder materials require relatively less pressure.

Pay attention to the correct maintenance and use of the blade. Once the blade is blunt, the blade should be re-sharpened, otherwise the cutting accuracy will be affected.

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