The paper tubes produced by the paper tube machine are used in various industries. There are also various types of paper tube making machines. The most common paper core tube machines are spiral paper core making machine and flat roll paper tube machine. Contact us here to get the paper tube making machine price.

paper tube making machine
paper tube making machine

Cardboard Tube Making Machine

YG paper tube machine is suitable for making various household paper tubes, packaging paper tubes, various small paper core tubes, etc. This Automatic Spiral Paper Tube Making Machine With Two Head is composed of a paper tube winding machine and a paper core cutting machine.

Paper core machine technical parameters

Paper layer3-16 layers3-16 layers3-21 layers3-21 layers
Max. pipe diameter150mm120mm250mm250mm
Min. pipe diameter20mm20mm40mm40mm
Max. pipe thickness8mm8mm20mm20mm
Min. pipe thickness1mm0.5mm1mm1mm
Voltage380V 50Hz380V 50Hz380V 50Hz380V 50Hz
Main machine size2.8*1.8*1.95m4*2*1.95m4.2*2*1.95m4.2*2*1.95m


  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Paper roll holder can hold the paper core easily. Affordable, easy to operate;
  • The equipment adopts a full servo drive, PLC control, and a CNC touch screen.
  • PLC control systems can improve the cutting response speed.
  • It adopts full oil bath chain transmission. Low noise.
  • The machine can be customized: A protective cover can be added to the outside of the machine according to customer requirements; The mold is customized according to the length and inner diameter of the paper tube.

The production process of the paper core/tube

The following is a brief introduction to the production process of the paper tube:

  1. Raw paper slitting: the roll-shaped paper raw material is divided into narrow roll paper by a slitting machine for rolling tubes;
  2. Modulate glue: adjust sodium hydroxide, glue, and borax to make glue in proportion, and add it to the glue tank of the coiler;
  3. Tube rolling and tube cutting: put the rolled paper cut by the slitting machine on the paper tube frame, add glue to the glue tank, and run the equipment, the strip paper is spirally rolled into shape, and the end has a cutting device to cut off the paper tube ;
  4. Loading of paper tubes: Load the cut paper tubes into a trolley with casters;
  5. Paper tube drying: push the trolley into the drying room, turn on the paper tube dryer, and start drying automatically. The paper tube drying time is 8 to 15 hours, and the temperature increases from 50, 55, 60, and 65 degrees;
  6. Precise cutting, grinding, packaging, and loading of paper tubes: the precision of the paper tubes cut by the tube rolling machine is not high, so it needs to be cut again with a precision cutting machine, and the cut is polished, wrapped in packaging bags, and loaded into the car for delivery.

Finished products applications

Finished products applications – Paper tube core

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