Hamburger Patty Paper Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine

Bravo! The customer from the USA ordered one YG Patty paper roll to sheet cutting machine!

This machine is suitable for automatic cutting of various specifications of office paper and high-gloss photo paper; it is also suitable for one-time slitting of various specifications of PET, medical film, self-adhesive, and paper and plastic composite materials.

YG Paper Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine

Max width of the roll600mm/800mm/1100mm
Max unwinding of the roll1200mm
Paper thickness20-300gsm
Max cutting speed120cuts/min
Cutting speed of meter100m/min
Cutting precision≤±0.2mm Horizontal
≤±0.3mm Vertical
Max stacking height420mm
Number of slitting blade2 pcs
Quantity of unwinding roll1-4 rolls
Voltage380V,50hz, 3phase
Air pump0.6Mpa
patty paper roll to sheet cutting machine

High Precision Hamburger Paper Roll To Sheets Cutting Machine

  1. This hamburger wrapping paper slitting machine adopts PLC touch screen control and servo motor to control fixed-length cutting.
  2. The transmission system adopts centralized control such as pneumatic and photoelectric sensors. Easy to operate. High cutting precision.
  3. Motor frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic meter counting, alarm stop, magnetic powder tension control.
  4. It can be equipped with a round knife for longitudinal multi-section slitting, and the waste paper collection equipment.
  5. Pneumatic shaft loading and deviation correction or hydraulic shaftless loading + deviation correction.
  6. Automatically organize paper with lifting table.

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