Paper Die Cutting Machine for Sale Price

What is an automatic paper die cutting machine? How much is this equipment? Today, I will give a comprehensive introduction to the related functions, application fields and characteristics of the fully automatic die cutting machine, hoping to help everyone better understand the paper roll die cutting machine.

What is a paper die cutter?

die cutting machine

Fully automatic die-cutting machine is a key equipment for cups, carton and carton processing. It is widely used in printing, packaging, paper series products.

What can be used the paper roll die cutting machine?

The paper die-cutting machine is more suitable for die-cutting various materials and products such as paper boxes, paper cups, paper bowls, gift bags, Tetra Pak cardboard, paper plastic covers, electrical appliance linings and various plastic sheets.

Hot Selling Models of Die Cutting Equipment

Cutting Precision±0.1mm(white paper)±0.1mm(white paper)±0.1mm(white paper)
Rated Cutting Speed120-180 times/min120-180 times/min120-180 times/min
Max. Cutting Pressure320T320T320T
Max. Cutting Paper Size(W*L)950mm*510mm950mm*610mm1150mm*610mm
Min. Cutting Paper Size(W*L)400mm*350mm400mm*350mm400mm*350mm
Suitable paper weight100-500g100-500g100-500g
Total power18Kw18Kw18Kw
Air pressure requirement0.5Mpa0.5Mpa0..5Mpa
Air pressure consumption0.25m³/min0.25m³/min0.25m³/min
Total Weight7.6T7.8T8.6T
automatic paper die cutting machine price

Why you should use a paper die cutting machine?

The paper die cutter machine is more suitable for large-volume continuous production, with high production efficiency and high die-cutting precision. The maximum speed can reach 1,000 sheets/hour.

The creasing, die-cutting and automatic collection of web paper can be completed in one go.

This fully automatic paper cup die cutting machine can save manpower and storage space. Low energy consumption. Convenient and fast automated operation. It can greatly reduce personnel investment and manual operation, truly eliminating work-related injuries, safe production, and zero accidents.

paper cup die cutting machine for sale price

Other functions optional

Embossing: Embossing is the process of imprinting images, designs, and text onto paper and other materials to create a raised outline of the artwork.

Creasing / Scoring: Mainly suitable for multi-species, small batch indentation, folding series of products. It is suitable for creasing card covers, high gloss covers, book covers, thick covers, menus, invitations, etc.

anti scalding paper cup
Waste removal

Waste removal: Automated operation is convenient and fast, greatly reducing personnel investment and manual operation.

Hot Foil Stamping: With the help of specific temperature and pressure, a hot stamping plate is used to press the metal foil onto the paper, and then the metal foil is transferred to the surface of the paper according to the desired hot stamping image and text.

Hot stamping greeting cards

What is the price of automatic paper die cutting machine?

YG Paper Machinery is a professional die-cutting machine manufacturer. We have fully automatic die-cutting machines, roll die-cutting machines, flat die-cutting machines, trademark die-cutting machines, etc. The products are widely used in printing and packaging industries. We can customize the machines according to customer needs.

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