Coated paper machine

We have 3 / 4 / 5 layers and Multiple layers Coated board paper machine, Cylinder mold board paper machine, White / Gray coated board paper machine, Double white coated board paper machine, and Duplex paper machine.

Coated board paper machine parameters

Paper Grades Coated Board & Duplex Paper
Trimmed Width  2200mm~4800mm
Basis Weight Range180~350GSM
Design Basis Weight250GSM
Design Speed  220 m/min~450 m/min
Working Speed 200 m/min~400m/min
Design Production150~600TPD
Delivery Time7 months
Payment Term T/T, L/C
Warranty The guarantee period is 1 year for the main machine’s mechanical use, but consumption parts like bearings, clothing, rubber cover of rolls, etc are calculated differently.
Installation/Test-running/TrainingOur company will arrange and send several engineers to the paper mill on site, they are in charge of installing, test-running, and also training local workers to operate machine.