Paper rewinding machine for sale in Saudi Arabia

Congratulations! YG Paper Machinery, a leading manufacturer of advanced paper processing equipment, has successfully exported one set of the cutting-edge YG-2100 paper rewinding machine to Saudi Arabia.

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Base paper width: ≤2100mm

Finished product diameter: Φ60~150mm

Rewinding speed: 0-200 m/min

The successful export to Saudi Arabia highlights YG Paper Machinery’s commitment to meeting the specific needs of customers in the Middle East region. The machine will be utilized by a prominent Saudi paper manufacturer to streamline their production processes and meet the growing demand for high-quality paper products in the local market.

Paper Slitting Rewinder Machine

YG-2000 paper rewinder machine is renowned for its high precision, efficiency, and reliability. It can handle a wide range of paper grades and sizes, making it an ideal choice for paper manufacturers seeking to enhance their production capabilities.

Check below its technical informations

ModelYG-2000 Paper Rewinder
Base paper width≤2100mm
Finished product diameterΦ60~150mm (adjustable elasticity)
The inner diameter of the finished paper coreΦ 32~50mm
Base paper diameterΦ1100mm
The inner diameter of the base paper core3″
Punching pitch (please specify)4 knives, mechanical adjustment 90~180mm
Rewinding speed0-200 m/min
Punching methodpneumatic separation
Unwinder1-3 layers
Dimensions (L×W×H)6500×3100×2600 (mm)
Machine weight3500kg
Total power4kW
Pneumatic system3 hp air compressors, minimum pressure 5kg/cm2 Pa (customer provided)
We can also customize the machine to your needs, such as paper embossing function, paper slitting, etc. Call our expert to get help.
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What our clients say?

It’s very nice! The precision and accuracy with which it rewinds and slits the paper rolls are truly remarkable. We highly recommend this machine to any paper manufacturer looking to enhance their operations.

John Anderson

We have been using the YG Paper Rewinder Slitter Machine for several months now, and we couldn’t be happier with its performance. YG Paper Machinery has undoubtedly delivered a good product.

Sarah Thompson

This is one of the best decisions we made for our paper converting business. We are extremely satisfied with YG Paper Rewinder Slitter Machine.

Michael Johnson

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